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Event Details

Date: Sunday 14th June 2015
Start Time: 2.00 pm for a 2.15 pm Start
Location: The Surrey Oaks, Parkgate, Surrey, RH5 5DZ
Organisers: Roger & Joyce
Present:The Parkgate Perambulation
Walk Distance: 3.25 miles, 5.2 km

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The Surrey Oaks, Parkgate, Surrey, RH5 5DZ.
From the roundabout at Dorking where the A24 and A25 intersect: Head south on the A24 towards Horsham. After about 4.5 miles pass petrol station on left and very soon, just past The Duke's Head pub, turn left along Newdigate Road. After about 0.7 miles keep round to left along Trig Street towards Newdigate. On reaching T junction in Newdigate turn left towards Leigh and continue to The Surrey Oaks about 1.2 miles further on on left-hand side.

Nat Grid Ref:  TQ 204 435

Public Transport

On Sundays there are no buses to pub and also no trains to nearest station at Holmwood. Best bet is to get a cab from Reigate Station. Use Belfry Cars (Tel 01737 766111) whose office is in Holmesdale Road on north side of station, RH2 0BJ.


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Walk & Location Information

The Walk: A mostly flat 3.25 mile route along footpaths and very quiet lanes with little traffic. It includes a walk through Hammond's Copse managed by the Woodland Trust. Five sturdy stiles to climb, all on the same stage halfway round. Mostly OK for buggies except for the stiles and one narrow (but passable) footpath.
The Venue: The Surrey Oaks is thriving under new management and has a new chef, too. It's a traditional rural pub and its real ales include Ranmore and Shere Drop from the Surrey Hills brewery. Features include a wood-burning oven for making pizzas and a free "Rock-Ola" juke box of mid 20th century vintage.
No lunch bookings taken for parties of less than six. So arrive no later than 12.45 pm if you want a sit-down meal for around 12.95 for a traditional Sunday roast. For more info phone them on 01306 631200.

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Starter Clues

Q 1Contravening the Trade Descriptions Act?
There is no upper part in fact.
Q 2Made by those who punches throw
In the political to and fro?
Q 3After having gone ashore
Met up with a group of four.

Stage 1

Turn right from pub along pavement. Very soon right along "Public Footpath". On reaching roadway cross straight over and stay on footpath with boarded fence on right to start with. Eventually veer right with path to three pointer post close by. Take "Public Footpath" to left. Soon keep straight ahead when path widens and becomes grassy. End stage at fencepost on left with "Public Footpath" disc.

Q 4Positioned there
To control hot air?
Q 5Not to be served with fish
Else splinters in the dish!
Q 6Cross section meant to show
For them it is no go.

Stage 2

Ignore "Public Footpath" to right and keep ahead along meandering path. Eventually on reaching stile veer right along wide grassy path, following it to roadway. Turn right and continue on roadway to "Public Bridleway" pointer post just past "Ewood House".

Q 8Seekers after bands of gold
Cannot say they've not been told.
Q 9Stopped being two-faced.

Stage 3

Keep ahead along road. At red post-box turn right along "Mill Lane". Soon at junction take "Public Bridleway " to left. On reaching gravelled roadway keep straight on. End stage at "Public Bridleway" pointer on right at main road.

Q 10Could it be an Eskimo
Sent it to his pen friend so?
Q 11Choice of voice or code
To enter an abode.

Stage 4

Cross main road diagonally left and take "Public Bridleway" straight ahead into "Hammond's Copse". Keep ahead until wooden gate bars the way. Through gate, ending stage at nearby three way pointer post.

Q 12In the States a criminal act
And by a billionaire it's backed.
Q 13For Indian to aim
At paleface frame?
Q 14Resting place got
From tying the knot.

Stage 5

Turn right along "Public Bridleway". On reaching concreted roadway (with house over to right) turn left. Very soon climb over stile on right and follow "Public Footpath", keeping curving wooden fence on left to next stile. Over this and keep ahead along right edge of field. Very soon climb over stile on right and proceed to next stile a few yards away. Over stile and follow faint path straight ahead across field. At corner climb stile and end stage at nearby X tracks.

Q 15Ed could go
With the flow.
Q 16Both of chlorophyll made.
In the sun and in the shade?

Stage 6

Ahead along "Public Footpath". Straight on at next X tracks and straight on again at the X tracks after that. At third X tracks (marked by post with "Public Footpath" appearing vertically on all four sides) turn right and follow path until reaching main road.

Q 17Swimwear bearing model's name?
Perhaps cross-dressing is her game.
Q 18Is old stout drawn from this?
Q 19Come storms, come gales, come lashing rain
They'll be slotted back again.

Stage 7

Cross straight over and follow "Public Footpath" ahead between fences. Eventually at X tracks take "Public Bridleway" to left along wide track. End stage at three way pointer post on right.

Q 20Spiced-up groupie letting go
Complaining sound of woe?
Q 21Is it a lockout? That can't be right.
That's one thing it's formed to fight.
Q 22Trophy on display
Taken from noble prey.

Stage 8

Straight on. After passing "Becketwood" on right keep ahead along pavement on right to "Mill Lane" sign at main road. Here walk round to right on concrete pathway and stay on it until reaching "Bus Stop" sign on telegraph pole just before pub.

Q 23What livestock farmers do
To keep cash flowing through?
Q 2419
Q 25Part for tycoon.
Spare A(in same area as starting questions)
A pair of beginners who have impressed
That they are nothing but the best.

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

Q 1Its size is quite absurd.
Laid by giant bird?

Stage 1

Q 2Killed by a jolt from a lightning bolt?

Stage 2

Q 3Six figure number of which the sum
Comes to exactly thirty one.

Stage 3

Q 4Draw the feathered pair
Whose tails are way out there.

Stage 4

Q 5If shot from a bow
Then skywards it would go.

Stage 5

Q 6You simply have to count
How many stiles you mount.

Stage 6

Q 7P and P and K and O.
What words with these letters go?

Stage 7

Q 8How many homes do you see
Built for the busy bee?

Stage 8

Q 9Just how slow
Must Max go?

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 1"Bus S-top" with image of single decker bus - on sign attached to telegraph pole
Q 2Swings -in pub garden
Q 3Sailor on shore/group of four men - images on either side of pub sign
Q 4"Gas Valve" - on plate on left at roadway
Q 5Wood chips - underfoot along section of footpath
Q 6Silhouette of horse and rider with cross section through it - attached to "Public Footpath" sign
Q 7Wire mesh fence - on left near start of stage
Q 8"Footpath Only - No Bridleway" - on sign beside stile
Q 9Clock with two faces - on brick outbuilding on left
Q 10"Post Off-ice" - on red post box
Q 11Entry system with keypad and speaker - at driveway on left at start of gravelled roadway
Q 12"Tate Fencing & Gates" - on disk on gate at entry to "Hammonds Copse"
Q 13White arrow - on wooden post on left
Q 14Plate on seat referring to the wedding of "Lorna & Adam" - to left of path
Q 15"GF" - on pipe elbow between third and fourth stiles
Q 16Dark green leaf and light green leaf - on "Woodland Trust" sign at end of stage
Q 17Moss on (tree) trunks - on trees near start of stage
Q 18"Woodland Trust" (Anagram of "Old Stout Drawn") - on sign seen shortly after turning right
Q 19Stack of old roof tiles - on right just before end of stage
Q 20"Stones Ginger Wine" - on plate on side of house on right
Q 21"Union" padlock - at gate on right
Q 22Pair of antlers - on outbuilding at "Pine Glen"
Q 23"Sel-flock" on manhole cover in roadway
Q 2419 arrowhead spikes above and two sets of 6 below - on iron gate at "Parkgate Place"
Q 25"40" (hidden in "Part FOR TY-coon" - on speed limit sign on right near end of stage
Spare A"A1" on burglar alarm on wall of pub

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 1Large, speckled egg shape - at front of pub
Q 2Prostrate figure beneath electric bolt - on "Danger of Death" sign on telegraph pole
Q 3"146938" - on plate on telegraph pole on left
Q 4Two long-tailed birds - on "Bracken House" sign at end of stage
Q 5Upwards-pointing white arrow - on wooden post on right
Q 6Five stiles - all climbed on Stage 5
Q 7"P-rivate P-roperty K-eep O-ut" - on notice near end of stage
Q 8Eight beehives - to right of path
Q 9"20 mph Max please" - on sign at "Becket Wood" on right

Scoring: Ten points for each correct answer given to questions 1 to 9 above
I-spy question - one point for each valid word, up to a maximum of 40 words

Print Results Walk Results

Place Team Members Correct Answers Bonus Points League Points
1 Christine Cooper, Jim Gunter, Robert Collini, Andrew Cordani 23 212 20
2 Robert Whale, Jamie Whale 22 192 19
3 Geoff Hunt, Joanne Norfolk, Jeremy Norfolk 18 145 18
4 John Davis, Alan Reeves 17 131 17
5 Elizabeth Gurteen, June Daniels, Brenda Watson, Jackie McLennan 16 122 16
6 Jenny Abbott, Roger Abbott 12 99 15
7 Kath Biggs, Denis Biggs, James Biggs 11 80 14
8 Annette Kothari, Jayesh Kothari, Hanni Salamon, Tim Salamon 7 47 13