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Roger & Joyce present: The Parkgate Perambulation

Q 1Large, speckled egg shape - at front of pub
Q 2Prostrate figure beneath electric bolt - on "Danger of Death" sign on telegraph pole
Q 3"146938" - on plate on telegraph pole on left
Q 4Two long-tailed birds - on "Bracken House" sign at end of stage
Q 5Upwards-pointing white arrow - on wooden post on right
Q 6Five stiles - all climbed on Stage 5
Q 7"P-rivate P-roperty K-eep O-ut" - on notice near end of stage
Q 8Eight beehives - to right of path
Q 9"20 mph Max please" - on sign at "Becket Wood" on right

Scoring: Ten points for each correct answer given to questions 1 to 9 above
I-spy question - one point for each valid word, up to a maximum of 40 words