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Event Details

Date: Sunday 5th July 2015
Start Time: 2.15 pm
Location: The Surprise Inn, 107 Upper Shirley Road, CR0 5HF
Organisers: Peter, Kiran and Zara Evans
Present:The Shirley Surprise
Walk Distance: 3 miles, 4.8 km

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The Surprise Inn, 107 Upper Shirley Road, Croydon, CR0 5HF.
Just east of Croydon town centre, Upper Shirley Road is off the A232 which can be accessed from The M25 either by junction 4 for the A21 or junction 7 for the A23.

Nat Grid Ref:  TQ 355 649

Public Transport

Bus 466 (Addington Village - Caterham on the Hill) stops at Shirley Windmill, Upper Shirley Road and passes East Croydon Station. Route 130 (New Addington - Thornton Heath) also stops at Shirley Windmill which is a short walk from the pub. The 119 and 194 from East Croydon also stop nearby.


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Walk & Location Information

The Walk: 3 miles over mostly flat and level paths. There is one small incline through woods. Suitable for pushchairs, the soil here is very sandy and dry. No stiles, gates or other obstacles. Lots of birds and wildlife to see amongst the gorse and heather growing in the acid soil. Good view towards the end of the walk. There is a Windmill near the pub which should be open for visitors on the day, www.shirleywindmill.org.uk.
The Venue: Large pub with a fish speciality restaurant. Call 020 8656 5588 or www.surpriseinnshirley.co.uk. Small car park but plenty of space on surrounding roads. The pub serves Sunday lunch as well as an extensive fish menu. A Cask Marque certificate should mean that the real ales are suitable for those who have a liking for them. Children welcome until food stops at 7pm.

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Starter Clues

Q 1Unprepared for food and drink?
Q 2Container made good.
Q 3Stimulate some growth?

Stage 1

Out of pub turn left. Turn left into Oaks Lane. Stage ends at kissing gate.

Spare AAlways detecting looters.
Q 4Stand still and move around.
Q 5Wall of the house.
Q 6Down to gale near here.
Q 7Predatory roofer.

Stage 2

Follow path across golf course. Stage ends at the white barrier

Q 8No drivers used on this golf course then!
Q 9Call up to deter.

Stage 3

Continue through barriers, straight ahead along track. Stage ends at bend by Coombe Farm.

Q 10Nothing secures nothing.
Q 11Find the value of X.
Q 12The correct way to keep out intruders.

Stage 4

Continue along the road. Stage ends at T junction with main road.

Q 135th century German artwork? Surely not!
Q 14Okay if you blow your own trumpet.
Q 15All three little pigs could live here.

Stage 5

Cross the main road and slightly right take the footpath into the woods. At pile of logs at base of pine tree bear left. Look hard for chalking on this section! Stage ends at small clearing and cross paths.

Q 16Remains of a Tory hung parliament?

Stage 6

Turn right up the incline along the curving path through the trees. Ignore the steps going down on either side when you reach the top. Follow path through woods to Tram stop where stage ends.

Q 17Boss, bucks and whipping boy hanging around and going batty maybe? There numbers are up!

Stage 7

At Tram stop turn left through bollards and along road. Stage ends at main road.

Q 18Come with no bale.
Q 19Looks like the water tower had an effect on transport!

Stage 8

Cross the main road, turn left. At the house named 'The Gatehouse' cross back over and take the road opposite towards the view point. At the end of the road cross the car park and follow the path straight ahead. Stage ends at the view point.

Q 20Time flies like an arrow. Man flies like a horse.
Q 21Not one direction.

Stage 9

Turn around and walk back the way you came. At cross paths turn left by the notice board. Continue along this path ignoring turnings left and right. At T junction turn left through gorse bushes to road where stage ends

Q 22Lost in the tank empty refill.
Q 23When heads turn trees stop and go.

Stage 10

At road turn left and follow road down to pub where walk ends.

Q 24Seen in a roundabout sort of way.
Q 25Holy Mo! Sounds like the runner has reached the finish!
Spare BSounds like hard and soft underfoot.

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

Family clues start on the next stage.

Stage 1

Q 1How often do the buses run from here at this time of day?

Stage 2

Q 2What sport is played here?

Stage 3

Q 3Numbers on telegraph pole?

Stage 4

Q 4What sport can you not play here?
Q 5Find the Meercats.

Stage 5

Q 6Why do you have to look both ways?

Stage 6

Q 7Bring back a pine cone.

Stage 7

Q 8Where do the Trams go?

Stage 8

Q 9What is the maximum height for the car park at the end of the road?

Stage 9

Q 10According to the information board what are some of the birds you could see here?

Stage 10

Q 11What you might do with paper at this house.

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 1The Surprise.
Q 2Cask Marque sign.
Q 3Galvanised flower pot.
Spare AADL security.
Q 4Windmill
Q 5Little house on garden wall.
Q 6Tanglewood Close (anag)
Q 7Statue of bird of prey on roof.
Q 8No vehicular access beyond this point. Road ends very soft verge.
Q 9UTEC Patrolled (anag) on little silver disk on electricity pole.
Q 10Padlock with nothing written on it, rusted open and securing nothing.
Q 1148x written on pole.
Q 12Do It Right on padlock.
Q 13Anti vandal paint in use sign.
Q 14Sound your horn sign.
Q 15Thatched cottage with timber walls and brick base.
Q 16Tattered blue rope hanging from tree.
Q 17Bat boxes numbered 10,11,12.
Q 18(anag) Coombe Lane
Q 19Sunken Road sign.
Q 20Centaur weather vane.
Q 21All the information plates taken from view point.
Q 22LITTER written on bin. First letter of each word.
Q 23Red and green spots painted on trees.
Q 24Convex mirror.
Q 25In memory of Rev M Farrer on bench.
Spare BThe Sandrock.

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 1130 = 14 & 44 mins; 466 = 05, 20,34,48
Q 2Golf.
Q 31587
Q 4Cycling
Q 5On security sign
Q 6Because of Trams
Q7 1 pine cone
Q8 Croydon/New Addington
Q9 2m 6'7"
Q10 Green Woodpecker, Dartford Warbler, Goldcrest.
Q11 Fold.

Print Results Walk Results

Place Team Members Correct Answers Bonus Points League Points
1 John Davis, Geoff Hunt, Alan Reeves 21 172 20
2 Joyce Heywood, Roger Heath 19 157 19
3 Christine Cooper, Andrew Cordani, Robert Collini 18 135 18
4 Elizabeth Gurteen, Brenda Watson, June Daniels, Liz Brewer 16 122 17
5 Andrea Hunt, Joanne Norfolk, Jeremy Norfolk 17 120 16
6 Katja Hill, Nathan Hill, Andy Hill, Annette Kothari, Jayesh Kothari, Megan Kothari, Daniel Kothari, Hanni Salamon 15 105 15
7 Brenda Wooden, Yvonne Sisson 14 102 14
8 Jackie Bessems, Laura Breadon, Linda Phillips 11 73 13