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Event Details

Date: 31st May 2015
Start Time: 2.15 pm
Location: Three Horseshoes Inn, Sidlow, Surrey, RH2 8PT
Organisers: Geoff Hunt & Alan Reeves
Present:The Sidlow Saunter
Walk Distance: 2.75 miles, 4.4 km

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The Three Horseshoes Inn, Irons Bottom Lane, Sidlow, Surrey, RH2 8PT (Tel. 01293 862315).
Sidlow is 2.2 miles south of Reigate town centre on the A217 running from Reigate to Gatwick. Coming from Reigate turn right (west) towards Leigh from the A217 into Ironsbottom Lane and it's 0.7 miles to Irons Bottom itself.

Nat Grid Ref:  TQ 250 463

Public Transport

Redhill railway station is 3 miles north of Sidlow, see www.nationalrail.co.uk. There are no Sunday bus services. The inexpensive Road Runners cab office (01737 760076) is on the other side of the roundabout outside the station.


Walk Location Map

Walk & Location Information

The Walk: The walk is 2.75 miles long, fairly level, and usually dry in some very open countryside. The paths are mostly flat and wide but fairly uneven and soft and quite hard going for buggies. There are four well made stiles to negotiate.
The Venue: The Three Horseshoes is a popular pub under new management. It serves food 7 days a week and has a separate dining area. Food is served on Sundays from 12 pm to 4 pm. The new website is www.theshoes.pub. To be sure of a place use the online booking option, or call 01293 862315. It usually serves 8 real ales and hosts its own beer festivals.
It has a large car park and there is ample street parking as well. They have an overflow car park at the end of the main car park and this will be opened for us.

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Starter Clues

All items are located at the front of the pub from the white roadside line inwards.

Q 1Gromit cute? O’ yes, in a strange way,
and his cracking toast would make their day
Q 2The location is known, and it’s set in stone.
Q 3Controlling incomers – “Europeans running amok” as Nigel started to say.

Stage 1

400 yds. Turn right from pub. Soon cross over to tarmac path on left. Stage ends at Hope Cottage.

Q 4See oafish lager drinker about a little business.
Q 5Reflects the result in Brighton.
Spare A“Scrap Nick and go to Nick” - sounds like local power broker's advice concerning this unlikely coalition.
Q 6Liberal with their advice for spotting future voters.

Stage 2

450 yds. Continue on path. Cross road at 2nd Public Footpath sign. Stage ends here.

Q 7Secure currency? It can’t be the Euro!
Q 8Jabba's petite mother, a classic calendar girl perhaps?
Q 9An enthusiastic litigator with a fortune, we hear.

Stage 3

775 yds. Follow footpath straight across fields. The path turns sharp left at guide post after passing dead tree in field on right. After 100 yds reach main road and stage end.

Q 10The coded message here, how Ed begot fear.
Q 11Always destined for power, it comes naturally,
Unlike their namesake, who is now history.

Stage 4

550 yds. Turn right along road. Soon turn right onto a stony track. Continue ahead through gate/stile to stile by a cottage where stage ends.

Q 12Campbell and Mandelson are feeling much better now.
Q 13Could this be the platform used by Alsatian commuters?
Q 14East European standing for freedom of speech gets a “no” from Merkel.

Stage 5

425 yds. Continue along path and eventually come to a black metal barn where stage ends.

Q 15Had often raged about the impact of strikes.
Q 16Security? That's Bond’s boss from start to finish.

Stage 6

700 yds. Continue along path through the buildings to the main road where the stage ends.

Q 17You want to foretell what lies ahead? Why Tarot sounds like the answer here.
Q 18“Heard of weather girls?” Wouldn’t they normally be on the NEWS?
Q 19Arn finishes what Theo has started.

Stage 7

975 yds. Cross road and over stile into field. Follow right side of field and pass through gap in fence. Continue on right side to gap in next fence. Soon cross over a stile and then another stile by a cottage. Turn right along the track and pass farm on left. Stage ends at main road.

Q 20Insider dealing in the orient? Chinese director has a tip off.
Q 21Frank flogging stolen tellies? Shameless and shocking.
Spare BRough? Nay. That's really all they have to say.
Q 2228 pounds of feline guardian can do nothing about this raider.

Stage 8

575 yds. Turn left along the main road (not hard left into side road). Cross to right side and back to the pub where the walk ends.

Q 23How Jeremy handled one of Will’s favourite parts.
Q 24Currently in opposition, but could be a Star Wars hero in a coalition.
Q 25Turn bad or mad looking for a posh shed.

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

Q 1Lucky, lucky, lucky. It's a shoe in.
Q 2Finance for farmers?

Stage 1

Q 3Did someone say "Bee tea"?
Q 4What kind of vegetables can you see when you look at yourself?

Stage 2

Q 5What kind of fruit can you see when you look at yourself?
Q 6Weather reporting. It's for the birds.

Stage 3

Q 7Looks like a thief has stolen every leaf.

Stage 4

Q 8There's a school too for Scooby Doo.
Q 9Who had a Scottish companion called what?

Stage 5

Q 10Ideal home for an iron owl?

Stage 6

Q 11In the mooed to fly?
Q 12In the morning - a burglar's warning.

Stage 7

Q 13Shooting's cool?
Q 14"Dear chap, what's the weather like up there?"

Stage 8

Q 15...and gets hot pants?
Q 16Look. They mean you.

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 1Window label “Gourmet Society” (anagram).
Q 2Three horse shoes in the cobble stones.
Q 3“ERA” lock cover on front door.
Q 4“LOC-OUT” alarm at no. 6. "CO" in "LOUT".
Q 5Convex mirror with Green edge. The Greens won in Brighton.
Spare A“Thieves Beware” “Police and scrap dealers are checking for smartwater” “100% conviction rate” sign. Nick = steal = prison.
Q 6“Watch Children” – black letters in orange diamond sign (like Lib Dem signs)
Q 7“Sterling” padlock on gate.
Q 8“The Old WI Hut” house name. Was Jabba the Hutt's mother a WI calendar girl?
Q 9“Pumped Sewer 1.0 M” sign. Sue = litigate.
Q 10“Beware of the dog” on gate (anagram).
Q 11Power lines with 3 green cables. Clue refers to Vince Cable.
Q 12Sign “Spinners Well”.
Q 13“Police Dog Training Area” sign.
Q 14Telephone pole with number "9" on it.
Q 15"Danger of Death" (anagram: Had often raged) sign with man struck by lightning bolt.
Q 16Padlock “MAZ” at gate before barn.
Q 17White arrow (why Tarot) public footpath sign on gatepost.
Q 183 cow weather vanes (herd of cows) but without NESW directions.
Q 19“The Old Barn” sign. The O… …arn".
Q 20Yellow arrow with tip broken off at stile.
Q 21Sign “Electric Fence” “Gallagher”. Refers to Frank Gallagher of TV series Shameless.
Spare BWeather vane at farm with dog and horse figures.
Q 222 stone lions by door with white ram sign above them.
Q 23“Ironsbottom” road sign. Refers to Jeremy Irons and William Shakespeare's Bottom.
Q 24Pole on LHS of road with "0" opposite pole on RHS of road with "C" "P" "3". Together they make Star Wars hero C3P0.
Q 25“Tudor Barn” house name (anagram "turn bad or").

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 1“Three Horseshoes Inn” pub sign.
Q 2“Lloyds TSB Cardnet” list of cards like Visa, Maestro, Solo and “Helping You To Grow” window label.
Q 3“Telephone” “BT” on phone box (BT = bee tea).
Q 4Convex mirror with "green" edge.
Q 5Convex mirror with "orange" edge.
Q 6Bird weather vane.
Q 7Dead tree in middle of big field.
Q 8“Police Dog Training Area” sign.
Q 9Pond. Amelia Pond in Doctor Who.
Q 10Black corrugated iron barn. Barn owl.
Q 113 cow weather vanes on top of buildings.
Q 12“AM” alarm.
Q 13Sign “Surrey Shooting School” on gate.
Q 14Stag weather vane on house. Stag = male deer.
Q 15“Ironsbottom” road sign.
Q 16“Watch Children” sign.

Print Results Walk Results

Place Team Members Correct Answers Bonus Points League Points
1 Roger Heath, Roger Abbott, Jacquetta Fewster, Eugene Suggett, Zenia Jameson, Donna O'Brien, Gary Wood 25 271 20
2= Sue Whale, Robert Whale, Chloe Whale, Alex Littlewood 22 216 19
2= Amie Davis, John Davis, Andrew Cordani 22 216 19
4 Kath Biggs, Denis Biggs, Nia Jones 16 149 17
5 Brenda Watson, Elizabeth Gurteen, June Daniels 15 139 16