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Roger & Joyce present: The Parkgate Perambulation

Q 1"Bus S-top" with image of single decker bus - on sign attached to telegraph pole
Q 2Swings -in pub garden
Q 3Sailor on shore/group of four men - images on either side of pub sign
Q 4"Gas Valve" - on plate on left at roadway
Q 5Wood chips - underfoot along section of footpath
Q 6Silhouette of horse and rider with cross section through it - attached to "Public Footpath" sign
Q 7Wire mesh fence - on left near start of stage
Q 8"Footpath Only - No Bridleway" - on sign beside stile
Q 9Clock with two faces - on brick outbuilding on left
Q 10"Post Off-ice" - on red post box
Q 11Entry system with keypad and speaker - at driveway on left at start of gravelled roadway
Q 12"Tate Fencing & Gates" - on disk on gate at entry to "Hammonds Copse"
Q 13White arrow - on wooden post on left
Q 14Plate on seat referring to the wedding of "Lorna & Adam" - to left of path
Q 15"GF" - on pipe elbow between third and fourth stiles
Q 16Dark green leaf and light green leaf - on "Woodland Trust" sign at end of stage
Q 17Moss on (tree) trunks - on trees near start of stage
Q 18"Woodland Trust" (Anagram of "Old Stout Drawn") - on sign seen shortly after turning right
Q 19Stack of old roof tiles - on right just before end of stage
Q 20"Stones Ginger Wine" - on plate on side of house on right
Q 21"Union" padlock - at gate on right
Q 22Pair of antlers - on outbuilding at "Pine Glen"
Q 23"Sel-flock" on manhole cover in roadway
Q 2419 arrowhead spikes above and two sets of 6 below - on iron gate at "Parkgate Place"
Q 25"40" (hidden in "Part FOR TY-coon" - on speed limit sign on right near end of stage
Spare A"A1" on burglar alarm on wall of pub