John Cooper Quiz Walks or phone 01737 352832

Roger & Joyce present: The Parkgate Perambulation
The Surrey Oaks, Parkgate, Surrey, RH5 5DZ
I SPY Write down all the words/things you see on the walk containing the letter S (no plurals)

Starter Clues

Q 1Its size is quite absurd.
Laid by giant bird?

Stage 1

Q 2Killed by a jolt from a lightning bolt?

Stage 2

Q 3Six figure number of which the sum
Comes to exactly thirty one.

Stage 3

Q 4Draw the feathered pair
Whose tails are way out there.

Stage 4

Q 5If shot from a bow
Then skywards it would go.

Stage 5

Q 6You simply have to count
How many stiles you mount.

Stage 6

Q 7P and P and K and O.
What words with these letters go?

Stage 7

Q 8How many homes do you see
Built for the busy bee?

Stage 8

Q 9Just how slow
Must Max go?