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Date: Sunday 12th April 2015
Start Time: 2.15 pm
Location: The Percy Arms, Chilworth, GU4 8NP
Organisers: Robert and Sue Whale
Present:The Chilworth Chase 'Andicap
Walk Distance: 3.25 miles (5.4 km)

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The Percy Arms, 75 Dorking Road, Chilworth, Surrey GU4 8NP.
Between Shalford and Albury, on the A248 Dorking Road and South East of Guildford.

Nat Grid Ref:  TQ 032 473

Public Transport

Trains: the pub is directly opposite Chilworth railway station. On Sundays trains stop every two hours, from Guildford towards Dorking Deepdene arriving Chilworth at eg 1104 or 1304, returning eg 1849; from Dorking Deepdene towards Guildford arriving Chilworth at eg 1248; returning eg 1705 or 1905. See www.nationalrail.co.uk.
Buses: On Sundays the No.32 bus runs to a two-hourly timetable, From Guildford to Strood Green via Dorking, Brockham, etc it stops at Chilworth at 1025, 1225, 1425, 1625 and 1825. From Strood Green to Guildford it stops at Chilworth at 0947, 1147, 1347, 1547 and 1747.


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Walk & Location Information

The Walk: The Walk: 3.25 miles (5.4 km), approx eight stiles (most you can walk around), one or two potentially muddy spots. A fairly gentle stroll on local footpaths & lanes, plus a couple of short road sections. Generally flat terrain but a little more undulating on last couple of stages with some nice views across to St Martha's. Kids' clues will be available on the day.
The Venue: Modern pub & grillhouse with large garden and play area. Beers from the Greene King stable. Very good selection of food, from the Sunday carvery or a la carte menu. If eating inside, you must book a table in advance on Sundays (not necessary if eating in the garden). There are specific sittings at 12 noon, 2.30pm and 5pm, so the first of these would be recommended for Quiz Walkers wanting lunch. Not quite so important to book if eating in the evening though. For reservations please call the pub on 01483 561765, also see their website at www.thepercyarms.net.
They do have a reasonable-sized car park at the side of the pub but the place gets extremely busy on Sundays so if you are coming by car they would be grateful if you could make use of the ample roadside parking while you're out on the actual walk.

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Starter Clues

Q 1Primarily, there's no doubt
It's keeping burglars out
Q 2"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown"
Most certainly true if these are around
Q 3"Captivate with great affection"
That'll point you in the right direction

Stage 1

Turn right out of pub and follow RH pavement. Immediately after school, turn right down footpath. Cross bridge to reach path in front of picnic tables, where stage ends.

Q 4Mmm... nice alliteration
Important in one's education
Q 5You'd be forgiven for thinking this went
Along a certain coastline in Kent
Q 6Using this sort of connection
Gives Dave the edge in election?

Stage 2

Turn right along path. After you have passed the end of the deserted buildings on your left, go left and continue in front of them. At the end go right across bridge. Over stile on left, cross small field, stage ends at next stile.

Q 7What original part has been lost?
The bridge doesn't need to be crossed
Q 8Young (hairy) one has the hots
For launderette buddy of Dot's
Q 9There's a bit of old Yorkshire we're shown
That's remained an equine-free zone

Stage 3

Continue ahead with stream on your right. Cross another stile, over plank bridge then along path between fields. Go over or bypass another stile then straight ahead with lake to your right. At next junction, with pond ahead of you, go left and follow path around keeping pond to your right until you reach stile with tree trunks at its base, where stage ends.

Q 10Legless ant crumbles
If on here he stumbles
Q 11Looking into the sun is tough
Just for a bit is quite enough
Q 12Jazzy shirt & small hat
A local get-up is that

No clues on next short stretch: Continue in front of two houses (pond still on your right). This is still part of the public footpath but passes very close to frontages so no clues here to avoid being intrusive. QW resumes upon reaching main road.

Stage 4

Using great care cross the road then turn left. Follow the pavement on RH side of road which winds round to right, then left and crosses stream. When RH pavement disappears cross road and continue for 50 yards on LH side. Stage ends by Pratt's Stores opposite 3-way signpost. [There's a refreshment stop at the Drummond Arms just ahead if required]

Q 13Fledgling royal, our George, at first
Potential prince that may have been cursed
Q 14A pleasant time here we could spend
Watching all of you go round the bend
Q 15There's some duplication
In their punctuation

Stage 5

Turn right, crossing road via the three-way signpost, then go ahead up Church Lane. Soon ignore turn-off to left and continue straight ahead along Blackheath Lane. Stage ends at the top of this incline by public footpath sign on right.

Q 16Local repairs
A creation of Blair's
Q 17Performers of great renown
Seen here in Camden Town
Q 18Might be for cooking or for eating
Four more, perhaps, we could be meeting?
Spare AA revolting southerner was what's-his-name
1381 marked his moment of fame

Stage 6

Take the public footpath which runs parallel with lane, with field on right. Go through kissing-gate & cross railway line with care. Through another kissing-gate then cross field diagonally to the right, aiming towards buildings. Go over stile or through gate, turn right and follow path which passes stables and crosses stream. Keep ahead on path until you reach stile just beyond Postford Farm, where stage ends.

Q 19El-v-is -- ?
Q 20This must be how
You undress a cow
Q 21Sounds like the signal for matador
To flourish his red rag some more

Stage 7

Continue ahead for some way on path between fields. Go through kissing-gate and ahead across field. Over another stile and down slope then ahead on fenced path. Round to right at house, stage ends at railway bridge.

Q 22Three lusty owls showing much perturbation
They look out of place in this habitation
Q 23The dawn of some far-off decade
When such trousers had yet to be made

Stage 8

Continue to main road, turn left and follow LH pavement back to Sample Oak Lane road sign almost opposite the pub, where stage (and QW) ends. No need to cross road in order to solve clues.

Q 24Include a knighthood in what's here?
The opposite's true, so it would appear
Q 25To finish: - - N X N X N
Fill the gaps, you're all done then

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

Q 1Thomas's friend, I'm sure you know
And from where do your hands and fingers grow?

Stage 1

Q 2Where you could learn and play
But not in the Easter holiday

Stage 2

Q 3Slow-moving creature that's usually small
This one's large and doesn't move at all

Stage 3

Q 4Home-made swing, but now I hope,
You can tell me the colours of the rope

Stage 4

Q 5Maybe a road where you should float...
...perhaps go down it on a boat?

Stage 5

Q 6People who have come this far
Shouldn't continue in a car

Stage 6

Q 7You'll have to pay what sort of fine
For trespassing on the railway line?

Stage 7

Q 8Somewhere to pray
But it's a long way away

Stage 8

Q 9Creatures tired of swimming by
Find this a good place to keep dry

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 1"KBO" burglar alarm (first letters)
Q 2Crown above the words Greene King with two arrows through it
Q 3Large sign saying ENTRANCE with arrow pointing right
Q 4Mrs Maggie Mackie, headteacher at Chilworth Infant School
Q 5VERA'S PATH (ref. Vera Lynn & White Cliffs of Dover)
Q 6Home-made log swing hanging from blue rope (ref. D. Cameron & General Election)
Q 7Large snail memorial with one eye stalk missing
Q 8NEIL L PAULINE, on wall of deserted building (ref. Young Ones & EastEnders TV programmes)
Q 9NO HORSE RIDING (riding = old division of Yorkshire)
Q 10ELSTANGSEL on Electric Fence sign (anag. LEGLESS ANT)
Q 11UNISTO, one of three names on sign at Mill Reach (hidden in 'sun is tough')
Q 13Frog on road sign (first letters, i.e. Prince George of Cambridge, also ref. fairy story)
Q 14Gazebo on hill overlooking bend in the road
Q 15"Fullstop." burglar alarm
Q 16RESTORED BY THE ALBURY TRUST 1984 on signpost (George Orwell (Eric Blair) wrote '1984')
Q 18Image of what looks like a slice of apple on post with '5' above it
Spare ATYLER TONBRIDGE on end of barn roof (ref. Wat Tyler (d.1381), leader of Peasants' Revolt)
Q 19'55' sign by railway line (LV = 55 in Roman numerals)
Q 20STRIP GRAZER on electric fence gear after crossing stile/gate
Q 21Bulrushes (bull rushes)
Q 22Yellow shutters on large building to the left (anag. THREE LUSTY OWLS)
Q 231891 on old drainpipe
Q 24HOLD SUCH IN HONOUR on war memorial across the road (i.e. not 'honour in such')
Q 25E E (last letters of the numbers at bottom of seven successive Stop Valves,
i.e. twenty-nine, twenty-nine, fifteen, thirty-six, nineteen, thirty-six, seventeen)

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 1Percy Arms
Q 2School
Q 3Large snail memorial
Q 4Blue & green
Q 71000
Q 8Church on hill in the distance
Q 9Duck house at far side of pond

Print Results Walk Results

Place Club Member Correct Answers Handicap Score
1Jamie Whale2119.801.20
2Darren Goodsell2120.670.33
3Andrea Hunt1920.75-1.75
4Ben Poxon2125.00-4.00
5Brenda Wooden, Ros McGavin1418.20-4.20
6Denis Biggs1115.33-4.33
7Alan Reeves, Geoff Hunt1923.40-4.40
8=Nia Jones1115.60-4.60
8=Jeremy Norfolk, Joanne Norfolk1923.60-4.60
10Joyce Heywood1620.80-4.80
11James Biggs1116.00-5.00
12Kath Biggs, Linda Read1116.20-5.20
13Chris Cooper1722.40-5.40
14=Andrew Cordani, Robert Collini1723.20-6.20
14=Roger Heath1622.20-6.20
16Gillian Hein, Hugh Hein1420.33-6.33
17Elizabeth Gurteen1117.80-6.80
18Hazel Marshall, Kate Kirchmair, Keith Marshall, Roy Kirchmair1320.00-7.00
19Brenda Watson1118.60-7.60
20Jenny Tidman1422.00-8.00
21Carrie Wheeler, Lynda Newland, Roger Newland1422.33-8.33
22Janet Gardiner1119.67-8.67
23David Hayward, Jill Stevens, Sally Novell1423.67-9.67
24=Helen Hall1425.00-11.00
24=David Lipman, Hazel Lipman1425.00-11.00
26Darren Duncan, Jackie Thompson1325.00-12.00
27=Brad Morris419.67-15.67
27=Marion Earp520.67-15.67
29Bill Schumacher525.00-20.00