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Robert and Sue Whale present: The Chilworth Chase 'Andicap

Q 1"KBO" burglar alarm (first letters)
Q 2Crown above the words Greene King with two arrows through it
Q 3Large sign saying ENTRANCE with arrow pointing right
Q 4Mrs Maggie Mackie, headteacher at Chilworth Infant School
Q 5VERA'S PATH (ref. Vera Lynn & White Cliffs of Dover)
Q 6Home-made log swing hanging from blue rope (ref. D. Cameron & General Election)
Q 7Large snail memorial with one eye stalk missing
Q 8NEIL L PAULINE, on wall of deserted building (ref. Young Ones & EastEnders TV programmes)
Q 9NO HORSE RIDING (riding = old division of Yorkshire)
Q 10ELSTANGSEL on Electric Fence sign (anag. LEGLESS ANT)
Q 11UNISTO, one of three names on sign at Mill Reach (hidden in 'sun is tough')
Q 13Frog on road sign (first letters, i.e. Prince George of Cambridge, also ref. fairy story)
Q 14Gazebo on hill overlooking bend in the road
Q 15"Fullstop." burglar alarm
Q 16RESTORED BY THE ALBURY TRUST 1984 on signpost (George Orwell (Eric Blair) wrote '1984')
Q 18Image of what looks like a slice of apple on post with '5' above it
Spare ATYLER TONBRIDGE on end of barn roof (ref. Wat Tyler (d.1381), leader of Peasants' Revolt)
Q 19'55' sign by railway line (LV = 55 in Roman numerals)
Q 20STRIP GRAZER on electric fence gear after crossing stile/gate
Q 21Bulrushes (bull rushes)
Q 22Yellow shutters on large building to the left (anag. THREE LUSTY OWLS)
Q 231891 on old drainpipe
Q 24HOLD SUCH IN HONOUR on war memorial across the road (i.e. not 'honour in such')
Q 25E E (last letters of the numbers at bottom of seven successive Stop Valves,
i.e. twenty-nine, twenty-nine, fifteen, thirty-six, nineteen, thirty-six, seventeen)