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Robert and Sue Whale present: The Chilworth Chase 'Andicap
The Percy Arms, Chilworth, GU4 8NP
There are just 9 clues to solve... one at the pub, then one on each stage of the walk.

Starter Clues

Q 1Thomas's friend, I'm sure you know
And from where do your hands and fingers grow?

Stage 1

Q 2Where you could learn and play
But not in the Easter holiday

Stage 2

Q 3Slow-moving creature that's usually small
This one's large and doesn't move at all

Stage 3

Q 4Home-made swing, but now I hope,
You can tell me the colours of the rope

Stage 4

Q 5Maybe a road where you should float...
...perhaps go down it on a boat?

Stage 5

Q 6People who have come this far
Shouldn't continue in a car

Stage 6

Q 7You'll have to pay what sort of fine
For trespassing on the railway line?

Stage 7

Q 8Somewhere to pray
But it's a long way away

Stage 8

Q 9Creatures tired of swimming by
Find this a good place to keep dry