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Event Details

Date: Sunday 3rd May 2015
Start Time: 2.15 pm
Location: The Five Bells, Chelsfield Village, LB Bromley, BR6 7RE
Organisers: Jamie Whale and Darren Goodsell
Present:The Chelsfield Chase
Walk Distance: 3 miles, 4.8 km

Print Directions Directions

The Five Bells, Chelsfield Village, LB Bromley, BR6 7RE.
Leave M25 J4 and turn left onto motorway spur. At the following large roundabout, take fourth exit A224 north, towards Orpington.
After less than a mile, immediately after the start of the 40 mph limit, turn right into Church Road. The pub is then on the left after 200 yds.
If you miss the turning for Church Road, just take the next right, Warren Road. The pub is about 350 yds down this road.

Nat Grid Ref:  TQ 482 641

Public Transport

The Five Bells is 1.1 miles from Chelsfield railway station, which has hourly trains from London and also from Orpington.

However, bus R3 operated by TfL runs from Orpington Station, which offers more frequent connections, and stops right outside the pub. Taxis are also available at Orpington station.

Orpington has frequent fast services from London Cannon Street and London Bridge on Sundays, destination : Hastings or Ramsgate.
Slower trains are also available from London Victoria or Brixton, destination: Orpington. Engineering works will affect this line on Sunday 3rd May so please check train times carefully.
If travelling via train from Surrey it is possible to travel via the Redhill - Tonbridge line, changing at Tonbridge. Depending on your departure time, travel via London Bridge may still be faster, due to train services only running hourly. For full details please consult www.nationalrail.co.uk.
Long-term engineering works mean no services currently operate to Orpington from London Charing Cross or London Waterloo East on Sundays.

Bus route R3 operates hourly on Sundays: departures at 1202, 1303 and 1400 from Orpington Station, each take 8-9 minutes to reach The Five Bells. Return services depart The Five Bells at 1713, 1811, 1911 and 2012. Fares are 1.50 single, payable via Oyster Pay As You Go or contactless credit/debit card only; cash is not accepted.


Walk Location Map

Walk & Location Information

The Walk: A 3-mile walk from Chelsfield Village, where Greater London runs out and the Kent countryside begins. The route mainly takes in country lanes, tracks and footpaths.
There are four stiles en route - in quick succession on one stage. We will provide an alternative route, avoiding the stiles, for anyone who would otherwise avoid coming at all. However, this route will obviously miss out any clues on the part with stiles, so other team members will need to follow the standard route if they want to be sure of finding all the answers!
The Venue: The Five Bells Inn is a small village pub with a large outdoor area, catering for casual drinkers and those who wish to eat.
* A wide range of food dishes is available including daily specials and Sunday roasts. Full details on the venue website. Booking is advisable. Food is not served on Sunday evenings.
* The pub has limited off-street parking in the form of marked parking bays on Church Road; we recommend Quiz Walkers coming by car consider parking on the quiet surrounding streets - Church Road and Warren Road - out of courtesy for the pub and as there is normally plenty of room.
Tel: 01689 821044, Website: www.thefivebells-chelsfieldvillage.co.uk.

Print Route Sheet & Questions Route & Question Sheet

Starter Clues

All clues can be found either on the front of the pub or the area immediately in front, between the black gates at the left-hand end and the right-hand corner of the building.

Q 1If this were as it claims to be,
It wouldn't be quite so plain to see!
Q 2Hooter with an easy hold
The cops are monitoring, we are told.
Q 3Beer is monitored here as well:
Caramel cola brewed to sell

Stage 1

Proceed to T-junction outside pub. Turn left, away from the pub, along Church Road, crossing to join pavement. Continue on this road as it becomes Bucks Cross Road and exits village. Continue on right hand side of road, for some distance, using the pavement where available, as far as junction with Maypole Lane, where stage ends.

Q 4Whilst thieving babe slinks around...
Q 5...a common buzzer may just sound...
Q 6...turn a tad and she'll be found.

Stage 2

Continue ahead, staying on right hand side of road for safety, eventually reaching junction with Jubilee Road. Follow main road round to left. Stage ends shortly after at national speed limit signs [which also mark the county boundary, as you cross from Greater London to Kent].

Q 7It's another way of telling
Of a green arboreal dwelling.
Q 8Now a diminutive home one sees,
But this one sits above the trees.
Q 9A route this way or that means troubles:
Sounds like Ronnie and Reggie had doubles.

Stage 3

Bear left up Pump Lane. Follow this lane for some distance as it winds gently up, then down a slope [don't miss excellent views across to London]. At fork, with gated lane to left, bear right down slope. Continue on lane past houses on both sides. At house "The Kent Hounds" follow lane round to right, then after 100yds, at junction with road, turn left. Follow this road to junction with Firmingers Road, where stage ends.

Q 10This one might be a challenge for you:
Sounds like policeman with seventy-two.
Q 11You're an apple short, a muddled order...
Q 12...A tour around the county border.
Q 13Gently unscrew
The daily brew.

Stage 4

Turn right into Firmingers Road and follow this road downhill. Turn right into public footpath immediately before house "Pentober". Proceed up footpath, emerging into brick forecourt. Stay ahead, joining track. At end of track, bear left onto road and continue. At next fork, bear right, downhill. Stage ends at T-junction.

Q 14Maybe they split, and couldn't decide,
So divided the ranch, half to each side.
Q 15Salsa, golf and...hard to see.
To find it, look back carefully.
Q 16Ways where northern thieves can mix.
Reduced, they look like MI6.
Q 17Play has stopped, it is clear.
No fruit and cream's served here.

Stage 5

Turn right and proceed downhill, returning to junction with Pump Lane. Proceed ahead on road, retracing your steps from Stage 2. After 50yds bear left into Jubilee Road. Follow this road for some distance, ignoring turn offs. At end of road, turn right. Immediately after parade of houses on left, ending with Maple House, stage ends at entrance to field with a stile, also on left.

Q 18Is this what an otter does
When's there's no doorbell to buzz?
Q 19Clearly been pinned
For a driving wind
Q 20Irvine's place?
A nutty space!

Stage 6

This stage contains four stiles. Substitute, stile-free directions to circumvent the entire stage and rejoin the main route for Stage 7 are given at the end of the sheet.
Cross stile and enter field. Following smaller electricity wires, proceed through three paddocks via two more stiles. Still following wires, cross another stile into wooded area and proceed ahead on footpath. Eventually pass through gap in hedge to enter another field. Turn right and follow edge of field for 50yds or so to gap in hedge. Go through gap in hedge and again follow electricity wires on path to main road. Stage ends where footpath emerges onto road-side verge.

Q 21Damn! Or something to that effect:
From peril, er, you must eject.
Q 22Papa and a full rotation;
Greek beginning completes notation.

Cross road with extreme care. Stage 7 does not start until you are safely on the other side.

Stage 7

Proceed down footpath on opposite side of road, signposted "Chelsfield Station 1m", then around corner of field to a large gap opposite, emerging on road. Cross road, turn right then after 10yds turn left into church grounds. Proceed through car park towards church. Go through gateway into churchyard and turn right to pass in front of church, then bear right at fork in paths by short black lamp post. Follow this path down to kissing gate. Pass through gate, turn left and proceed to main road. Cross road with care, to footpath opposite. Proceed up footpath past gardens. Emerge on road. Cross over, turn right and walk down the road to the pub.

Q 23Cherished so much it cannot move:
Won't be making another groove.
Q 24Proof reader correction - just take a look:
You'll read harp, not hark, and hoop, not hook.
Q 25Could a young star be first to see
These islands under lock and key?

Spare clues

Spare AOn stage 5:
Three or thirteen years ago,
A festive way this seems to show.
Spare BOn stage 7:
Leafy road, olive round amble,
Or grassy way lime, annular ramble.

Continue along road to reach junction which was at end of Stage 1. Here, turn left to return to pub and continue past it, bearing left to continue up Church Lane. Follow this road to its end, at junction with main road. Turn left and walk carefully up verge until level with traffic island. Cross main road carefully, using island, and turn left to continue up opposite verge. Stage 7 begins at public footpath signposted "Chelsfield Station 1m".
There are no substitute questions, so other team members need to complete Stage 6 to score.

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

All clues can be found either on the front of the pub or the area immediately in front, between the black gates at the left-hand end and the right-hand corner of the building.

Q 1No longer describes the way we are:
Does it pre-date the motor car?

Stage 1

Q 2You probably won't hear this one roar
But you'll need to use him to get through this door.

Stage 2

Q 3Only enough for half a horse
But still double luck, of course.

Stage 3

Q 4Here, perhaps, you can only stay
Between the months of March and May.
Q 5In this sign, we have sensed
A road where water is dispensed.

Stage 4

Q 6Its colour certainly isn't pale
And it's no longer owned by Royal Mail.
Q 7Turn of the century? News to us.
At least this shows the latest gust.

Stage 5

Q 8For the uninvited, it is clear:
A secret agent's watching here.
Q 9Examine the sign and it is clear
The name is made of things made here.

Stage 6

Q 10Shoes and boots pass on top;
Get mixed up about pitch flop.

Stage 7

Q 11A polished performer we know
Ran this town long ago.
Q 12A new addition to this place:
Even the dead need extra space.

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 2Depiction of an owl with a handle, on Metropolitan Police Pubwatch sign.
Q 3CAMRA LOCALE. Anagram of "caramel cola".
Q 4SKIBBS LANE. Anagram of "babe slinks".
Q 5Bumble bee door knocker on house no. 5.
Q 6ADT alarm. Anagram of "tad".
Q 8Signs with "The Bungalow" on top of "Woodlands".
Q 9FORKWAYS. Sounds like "four Krays".
Q 106 X 12 KOP engraved on stone beside track.
Q 11THE POPLARS. Anagram of "apple short".
Q 13BRIDLEWAY. Anagram of "daily brew".
Q 14DEANS FARM and DAISY FARM signs together.
Q 15FLO GAS on tank. Hidden backwards in "Salsa, golf".
Q 16SOUTHERN INTRUDER SYSTEMS alarm. SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) is the correct name for MI6.
Q 17Derelict tennis court.
Q 18Knockholt.
Q 19Motor car weather vane.
Q 21DANG visible on electricity pole; the ER of DANGER (peril) is hidden (ejected).
Q 22P360 ALPHA on electricity pole.
Q 23Old plough with inscription "Rooted and grounded in love".
Q 24KASP padlock. If you substitute "k" as "p" in "hark" and "hook" you have "harp" and "hoop".
Q 25CAYS on garden gate lock. First letters of "Could a young star"; cays are islands.
Spare BGREEN ST GREEN CIRCULAR WALK. Each line of clue is five synonyms in same order.

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 2Lion door knocker.
Q 3Two horseshoes, on gateposts of house Forkways.
Q 6Red post box used as private mail box.
Q 72000 on wind vane.
Q 8SPY alarm
Q 9FORGE made out of horseshoes, which might be made in a forge.
Q 10PUBLIC FOOTPATH. Anagram of "about pitch flop".
Q 11BRASS CROSBY. Was a former Lord Mayor of London; brass is normally polished.
Q 12Tryhorn Field Churchyard Extension

Print Results Walk Results

Place Team Members Correct Answers Bonus Points League Points
1 Andrea Hunt, Geoff Hunt, Joanne Norfolk, Jeremy Norfolk 18 140 20
2 Sue Whale, Robert Whale, Chloe Whale, Alex Littlewood 19 139 19
3 Christine Cooper, Andrew Cordani, Robert Collini 14 111 18
4 Joyce Heywood, Roger Heath 16 108 17
5 Amie Davis, John Davis, Alan Reeves 15 98 16
6 Cathy Black, Liam Macrae 14 88 15
7 Hazel Marshall, Keith Marshall, Kate Kirchmair, Roy Kirchmair 12 66 14
8 Peter Evans, Zara Evans, Kiran Evans, Laura Breadon, Linda Phillips 12 65 13
9 Jan Spencer, Marion Earp 11 61 12
10 Elizabeth Gurteen, Brenda Watson, June Daniels, Jackie McLennan 11 56 11