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Peter, Kiran and Zara Evans present: The Shirley Surprise
The Surprise Inn, 107 Upper Shirley Road, CR0 5HF

Starter Clues

Family clues start on the next stage.

Stage 1

Q 1How often do the buses run from here at this time of day?

Stage 2

Q 2What sport is played here?

Stage 3

Q 3Numbers on telegraph pole?

Stage 4

Q 4What sport can you not play here?
Q 5Find the Meercats.

Stage 5

Q 6Why do you have to look both ways?

Stage 6

Q 7Bring back a pine cone.

Stage 7

Q 8Where do the Trams go?

Stage 8

Q 9What is the maximum height for the car park at the end of the road?

Stage 9

Q 10According to the information board what are some of the birds you could see here?

Stage 10

Q 11What you might do with paper at this house.