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Peter, Kiran and Zara Evans present: The Shirley Surprise

Q 1The Surprise.
Q 2Cask Marque sign.
Q 3Galvanised flower pot.
Spare AADL security.
Q 4Windmill
Q 5Little house on garden wall.
Q 6Tanglewood Close (anag)
Q 7Statue of bird of prey on roof.
Q 8No vehicular access beyond this point. Road ends very soft verge.
Q 9UTEC Patrolled (anag) on little silver disk on electricity pole.
Q 10Padlock with nothing written on it, rusted open and securing nothing.
Q 1148x written on pole.
Q 12Do It Right on padlock.
Q 13Anti vandal paint in use sign.
Q 14Sound your horn sign.
Q 15Thatched cottage with timber walls and brick base.
Q 16Tattered blue rope hanging from tree.
Q 17Bat boxes numbered 10,11,12.
Q 18(anag) Coombe Lane
Q 19Sunken Road sign.
Q 20Centaur weather vane.
Q 21All the information plates taken from view point.
Q 22LITTER written on bin. First letter of each word.
Q 23Red and green spots painted on trees.
Q 24Convex mirror.
Q 25In memory of Rev M Farrer on bench.
Spare BThe Sandrock.