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Date: Sunday 19th July 2015
Start Time: 2.15 pm
Location: The Queens Head Pub, The Street, East Clandon, GU4 7RY
Organisers: James & Penny Biggs
Present:The Clash of the Clandon's
Walk Distance: 4.5 miles, 7.2 km

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The Queens Head Pub, The Street, East Clandon, Surrey, GU4 7RY.
East Clandon is four miles east of Guildford and lies just off the A246 to Leatherhead. Exit the A246 at the Staple Lane junction onto The Street which leads into the village soon to arrive at the pub.

Nat Grid Ref:  TQ 059 516

Public Transport

The nearest railway station is West Clandon, which is on the Waterloo to Guildford line via Cobham. This is quite a remote station and a long walk to the pub (2 miles by road). Anybody wishing to use public transport I would suggest a taxi from Guildford railway station is your best bet.


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Walk & Location Information

The Walk: 4.5 miles of easy walking mostly on well made paths, there is a gentle climb on the second half of the walk over Clandon Downs, which is well worth it as the view on the descent is breathtaking. The walk is suitable for buggies - with only one stile to cross. This lovely walk passes through the picturesque villages of East & West Clandon with their old churches and pretty cottages, and then some beautiful scenery of the surrounding Surrey hills.
The Venue: The pub operates to very high standards I would certainly recommend eating there, they have a passion for fresh locally sourced, in-season food and drink - for full details please refer to their website www.queensheadeastclandon.co.uk. They are open all day and serves food the whole time, however it gets very busy so I strongly recommend booking - please call 01483 222332.
The pub is children & dog friendly, a children's menu is available. There is a selection of local cask ales on offer from the Hogs Back & Surrey Hills breweries. The pub has front and rear gardens with plenty space inside and out. There is a car park which gets pretty full and the village is narrow in places, so I would suggest parking in Old Epsom Road, which is just off the A246 as you enter the village, then walking the few yards to the pub.

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Starter Clues

Q 1TV soaps nickname, featuring in a frame.
Q 3Suitable courtesy for royalty.

Stage 1

Turn left out of the pub passing the church, then turn left into Ripley Road and turn left again into Back Lane, follow the lane passing a small pond. The stage ends when you arrive at a public footpath post.

Q 4Fletcher and the like are not far out of sight.
Q 5Carta de Magnus Descriptio, carpe diem.
Q 6Final resting place for the British race.

Stage 2

Turn right onto the public footpath and continue, the stage ends when you arrive at a black metal kissing gate.

Q 7A third of you will get this!
Q 8Remake of a Pink Floyd song, will help you get a long.
Q 9Tightened security for this Disney movie

Stage 3

Continue in the same direction, following a line of trees, with a golf course on your left. The path bends left, soon you veer off right taking the centre grassy path that skirts a fairway, the path is highlighted by the grass being cut shorter. Continue until you reach a road, then turn right, after 50 yards turn left on to a narrow path. The stage ends when you reach the main road.

Q 10Hot spots or not?
Q 11This shelter from the great war won't help your score.
Q 12EnVy leads to envy.

Stage 4

Cross the road and turn left, follow the path eventually reaching a junction with the A25 where the stage ends.

Q 13These locals certainly like to boast, maybe more suitable for the coast.
Q 14East Anglian irrigation across the nation.
Q 15To get away from the drink, into the post subconscious you must think.
Q 16Translated step up to Heaven.

Stage 5

Cross over to the other side of the road, then cross the A246 using the island on the left side of the junction. Follow the A25 towards Dorking after about 300 yards veer off to the left onto a chalky track, follow this track uphill stage ends at the Well House Farm sign.

Q 17He relocated from Essex, without a car one suspects.
Q 18If you look around a cryptic entrance can be found.
Q 19Up here Ken clings near in top gear.

Stage 6

Continue on a narrow path with a fence on the right, the path leads into a meadow then maintains the same direction to exit on the other side. Follow a wide grassy path for about 100 yards, then turn right into woods. Follow the path downhill eventually bending left at the bottom. Follow the main straight path ignoring any crossing paths, turn left when you reach a farm into woods, the stage ends when you arrive at stile.

Q 20Could it be crude? Its definitely rude!
Q 21After The First Noel this became holy.
Q 22They must have been off their face, when they named this place.

Stage 7

After about 100 yards you break out into a massive field, with amazing views ahead of you. Cross the field, (the path is the shorter cut strip) eventually arriving at a stile. Cross the stile and turn left onto a lane. The walk ends when you arrive at the A246.

Q 23Look out Bo Peep! They're having a treat.
Q 24Do not be mistaken caution must be taken.
Q 25The first two, then me and you!

Cross the A246 and follow the road ahead soon to arrive back at the pub

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

Q 1How long is the CCTV for
Q 2Danger for sitting cars
Q 3A royal place with great taste

Stage 1

Q 44 corners on 2 wheels
Q 5How many houses named after people can you find

Stage 2

Q 6Fruity home
Q 7How many coloured gates can you find

Stage 3

Q 8What game is played here
Q 9What Way is it

Stage 4

Q 10They are on summer holidays now
Q 11This local place has deceiving space

Stage 5

Q 12What are the speed limits
Q 13What animals might you run into

Stage 6

Q 14What can you play on in the woods

Stage 7

Q 15What animals are eating nearby
Q 16A young nobleman

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 1The Street sign (Coronation Street)
Q 2Anagram: The Queens Head, ER = Queen
Q 3Anagram: suitable courtesy = absolute security
Q 4HMP 1 1/2 miles sign
Q 5Latin = document of great survey (Domesday Book) which was also written in Latin
Q 6Dead End sign in red, white & blue colours
Q 73/1 hydrant
Q 8Bricks in the path, rather then in the wall as Pink Floyd song
Q 9Tangled barbed wire - Tangled is a Disney movie
Q 10Anagram: red (colour for hot) spots = posts
Q 11Sand bunker
Q 125 green steps leading to green V = 5 (Roman Numerals)
Q 13Clandon Regis House
Q 14Broads drain cover
Q 15Anagram: post subconscious = bus stop outside Pulls Head pub
Q 16Anagram: translated step up = St. Peter & St. Paul on church sign
Q 17Chelmsley house name - from Chelmsford with no ford (car)
Q 18Black metal gate with letters hidden in them
Q 19Anagram: Ken clings near - Hillside Racing Kennels
Q 20Oil barrels
Q 21Holly with no first L becomes holy
Q 22Old Scotland Farm
Q 23Grazing sheep in adjacent field notice
Q 24Enter at own risk sign
Q 25Abus padlock

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 124 hour CCTV
Q 2Anagram danger = garden
Q 3The Queens Head pub
Q 4Motor bike weathervane
Q 5Victoria, Stuart and Harry
Q 6Cherry Cottage
Q 7Black and green gates
Q 8Golf
Q 9The Fox Way
Q 10Clandon C of E school
Q 11Little Clandon (big house)
Q 1210 & 5 MPH
Q 13Horses
Q 14Rope swing
Q 15Sheep
Q 16Squire padlock

Print Results Walk Results

Place Team Members Correct Answers Bonus Points League Points
1 Christine Cooper, Robert Collini, Andrew Cordani 23 130 20
2 Marion Earp, Charlotte Ryan, Jan Spencer 22 126 19
3 Roger Heath, Roger Abbott 21 114 18
4= Geoff Hunt, Alan Reeves, Joanne Norfolk, Jeremy Norfolk 20 107 17
4= Annette Kothari, Jayesh Kothari, Hanni Salamon, Tim Salamon 20 107 17
6= June Daniels, Brenda Watson, Elizabeth Gurteen 19 99 15
6= Kath Biggs, Denis Biggs, Nia Jones, Linda Read 19 99 15
8 Kate Kirchmair, Roy Kirchmair, Hazel Marshall 19 97 13
9 Ros McGavin, Brenda Wooden 19 96 12
10 Darren Goodsell, Jamie Whale 15 78 11