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Geoff Hunt and Alan Reeves present "The Sidlow Saunter".

Q 1“Three Horseshoes Inn” pub sign.
Q 2“Lloyds TSB Cardnet” list of cards like Visa, Maestro, Solo and “Helping You To Grow” window label.
Q 3“Telephone” “BT” on phone box (BT = bee tea).
Q 4Convex mirror with "green" edge.
Q 5Convex mirror with "orange" edge.
Q 6Bird weather vane.
Q 7Dead tree in middle of big field.
Q 8“Police Dog Training Area” sign.
Q 9Pond. Amelia Pond in Doctor Who.
Q 10Black corrugated iron barn. Barn owl.
Q 113 cow weather vanes on top of buildings.
Q 12“AM” alarm.
Q 13Sign “Surrey Shooting School” on gate.
Q 14Stag weather vane on house. Stag = male deer.
Q 15“Ironsbottom” road sign.
Q 16“Watch Children” sign.