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Geoff Hunt and Alan Reeves present "The Sidlow Saunter".

Q 1Window label “Gourmet Society” (anagram).
Q 2Three horse shoes in the cobble stones.
Q 3“ERA” lock cover on front door.
Q 4“LOC-OUT” alarm at no. 6. "CO" in "LOUT".
Q 5Convex mirror with Green edge. The Greens won in Brighton.
Spare A“Thieves Beware” “Police and scrap dealers are checking for smartwater” “100% conviction rate” sign. Nick = steal = prison.
Q 6“Watch Children” – black letters in orange diamond sign (like Lib Dem signs)
Q 7“Sterling” padlock on gate.
Q 8“The Old WI Hut” house name. Was Jabba the Hutt's mother a WI calendar girl?
Q 9“Pumped Sewer 1.0 M” sign. Sue = litigate.
Q 10“Beware of the dog” on gate (anagram).
Q 11Power lines with 3 green cables. Clue refers to Vince Cable.
Q 12Sign “Spinners Well”.
Q 13“Police Dog Training Area” sign.
Q 14Telephone pole with number "9" on it.
Q 15"Danger of Death" (anagram: Had often raged) sign with man struck by lightning bolt.
Q 16Padlock “MAZ” at gate before barn.
Q 17White arrow (why Tarot) public footpath sign on gatepost.
Q 183 cow weather vanes (herd of cows) but without NESW directions.
Q 19“The Old Barn” sign. The O… …arn".
Q 20Yellow arrow with tip broken off at stile.
Q 21Sign “Electric Fence” “Gallagher”. Refers to Frank Gallagher of TV series Shameless.
Spare BWeather vane at farm with dog and horse figures.
Q 222 stone lions by door with white ram sign above them.
Q 23“Ironsbottom” road sign. Refers to Jeremy Irons and William Shakespeare's Bottom.
Q 24Pole on LHS of road with "0" opposite pole on RHS of road with "C" "P" "3". Together they make Star Wars hero C3P0.
Q 25“Tudor Barn” house name (anagram "turn bad or").