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Jamie Whale and Darren Goodsell present: The Chelsfield Chase
The Five Bells, Chelsfield Village, LB Bromley, BR6 7RE

Starter Clues

All clues can be found either on the front of the pub or the area immediately in front, between the black gates at the left-hand end and the right-hand corner of the building.

Q 1No longer describes the way we are:
Does it pre-date the motor car?

Stage 1

Q 2You probably won't hear this one roar
But you'll need to use him to get through this door.

Stage 2

Q 3Only enough for half a horse
But still double luck, of course.

Stage 3

Q 4Here, perhaps, you can only stay
Between the months of March and May.
Q 5In this sign, we have sensed
A road where water is dispensed.

Stage 4

Q 6Its colour certainly isn't pale
And it's no longer owned by Royal Mail.
Q 7Turn of the century? News to us.
At least this shows the latest gust.

Stage 5

Q 8For the uninvited, it is clear:
A secret agent's watching here.
Q 9Examine the sign and it is clear
The name is made of things made here.

Stage 6

Q 10Shoes and boots pass on top;
Get mixed up about pitch flop.

Stage 7

Q 11A polished performer we know
Ran this town long ago.
Q 12A new addition to this place:
Even the dead need extra space.