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Event Details

Date: Sunday 28th July 2013
Start Time: 2.15 pm
Location: The Jolly Farmer, Cookham Dean, Berks SL6 9PD
Organisers: Robert and Sue Whale
Present:The Cookham Dean Challenge
Walk Distance: 2.75 miles (4.6 km)

Print Directions Directions

The Jolly Farmer, Church Road, Cookham Dean, Berks SL6 9PD
From M4 jct 8/9: take A404(M) to jct with A4 at Maidenhead Thicket roundabout. Turn right, then very soon left (signposted Pinkneys Green/Stubbings).
Turn right at Pinkneys Drive (s/p Pinkneys Green). Continue on this road, ignoring LH turn by Stag & Hounds pub. At A308 turn left (s/p Marlow) then right on Winter Hill Rd (s/p Cookham Dean/Winter Hill). Continue on this road to the pub, ignoring LH and later RH branches: the road becomes Spring Lane and then Church Road.
From M40 jct 4: take A404 south to roundabout with A308 signposted Pinkneys Green, take this road for about a mile then left by Golden Ball pub. At next junction go left on Winter Hill Rd and follow road to pub as described above.

Nat Grid Ref:  SU 872 852

Public Transport

Nearest rail station is Cookham, on the Marlow branch line from Maidenhead. Branch line trains are hourly on Sundays. Example journeys from London Padd (change at Maidenhead in all cases):
dep Padd 1040, arr Cookham 1142.
dep Padd 1204, arr Cookham 1245.
dep Cookham 1820 arr Padd 1922.
dep Cookham 1920, arr Padd 2022.
It's about a mile to pub from station, which can be walked by road: turn left out of the station, continue along Lower Road until you get to the second major left turn, Hills Lane. The pub is on the right at the top of the hill). A more interesting walk is along High St (behind station, parallel with Lower Rd) at end of which go straight across road and along the footpath past
the cricket ground, which eventually brings you out behind the church opposite the Jolly Farmer. Alternatively here is a website with local cab firms: www.taxiregister.com/cookham


Walk Location Map

Walk & Location Information

The Walk: 2.75 miles (4.6 km) on footpaths & lanes above the Thames Valley. There are ups and down throughout, as well as a stretch through woodland, but you will be rewarded with some excellent views over the river & adjacent countryside. No stiles, but the undulating terrain is not really buggy-friendly. Kids' clues will be available on the day.
The Venue: The Jolly Farmer is a fine locals' pub, bought by the village in 1987 and in the 2013 Good Beer Guide. Five beers on handpump which include at least two guests and a very good food selection. On Sundays this comprises roasts, daily specials and snacks/sandwiches. It does get busy so if you want to guarantee a table you can call them on 01628 482905 to book. The pub is open all day but only serves food until about 4pm. There are a number of tables inside as well as in the garden which has a large play area. There is a medium-sized car park to the left of the pub: if this is full there are usually spaces across the road in the area bordering the church. The pub has a website at www.jollyfarmercookhamdean.co.uk

Print Route Sheet & Questions Route & Question Sheet

Starter Clues

Q 1Sneaky un-real ale?
Unlikely she'd have it on sale
Q 2Those who failed the Duck Soup audition
Here get some measure of recognition
Q 3Maybe one who refuses to roar?
He's welcome to drink here, that is for sure
Spare ALocal hazard light?
A core requirement at night

Stage 1

Turn left out of pub and along road. Bear left on reaching war memorial. Stage ends at footpath signposts.

Q 4Pathe-tic news item
Q 5Did the battle with the Hun
Have a few more months to run?
Q 6Respected chap from the NT
Is active gastronomically

Stage 2

Keep ahead along gravel path and bear left downhill when path splits. Veer to right on reaching overgrown grassy triangle at bottom. Cross lane and go straight up public footpath. On reaching road, cross over and go straight ahead up Job's Lane. Stage ends at top of lane.

Q 7Site for attractive female scan
The resting-place of a ukelele man
Q 8The historical figures are telling
It's such a capacious dwelling
Q 9As described, but split twofold
And adding up to... what, all told?
Q 10A musical hybrid, one supposes
Not a stone maiden but ___ ___

Stage 3

Turn right and follow road until reaching car parking area on left with fine view. Now leave car park area by turning back left along footpath for 25 yards past electricity sub-station. Go right at gravel path then ahead down path to right of Rivendell. Continue with wall (and later wire fence) on left and trees on right. At fork ignore upward path to the left and keep on lower level. Eventually path rises a little to reach road, where stage ends.

Q 11One of the West End's features here
But The Mousetrap's opening is cancelled, it's clear
Q 12Don't let it spoil
Use pencil oil
Q 13A fragment of keepsake held back
Ensures you stay on the main track

Stage 4

Go through gap on left, across road then up sloping path at Woodland Trust sign. After about 10 yards go right up slope, passing old wooden bench on left. Follow path to the left of tall tree, then through wood for some way, with the path for a time running vaguely parallel to the road you just crossed. Eventually path descends quite steeply. Keep ahead until reaching major junction of paths with bridleway, byway and footpath signs, where stage ends.

Q 14It's primarily making Jay-Z be
An affectionately remembered dedicatee
Q 15Mounds of soft stuff you'll spot
Trunk upturned, may produce... what?

Stage 5

Turn sharp left up slope following ROAD USED AS PUBLIC PATH sign with blue arrow. Keep ahead on this uphill path. At next set of signposts, ignore a slightly steeper path ahead to right and keep ahead on path which bears slightly to left, finally exiting wood (hurray!) via wooden gate. Go straight ahead along lane with properties to the left and right. Stage ends at junction with road.

Q 16A suggestion for you
Of what Ronseal may do?
Q 17More than a master in his chosen field
'Matey boy' here is just half-revealed
Q 18"Kill Bill, the rat..."
Out of order, is that

Stage 6

Keep ahead down Hockett Lane. At sharp LH bend in road, go straight ahead downhill. At next junction, ignore left and right options and go straight ahead up little lane to the right of warning for Heavy Good Vehicles. At far end of this lane, after ignoring byway, turn left. Stage ends at footpath sign a little further on.

Q 19Garden feature you can bet
Pre-dates the hose and sprinkler set
Q 20Reverse of this you'd presume
A portcullis or feathered plume
Q 21With a charitable body I'm used
Bright, if somewhat confused

Stage 7

Keep ahead and continue along Church Road at the next junction all the way back to the pub.

Q 22Rural entrance that's the norm
Today it's just in character form
Q 23One light that's loftily erected ...
Q 24... where huge animal's least expected!
Q 25Advance 500 yards

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

Q 1He keeps animals at his place
Always has a smile on his face!

Stage 1

Q 2Postman collects along the way
But at what time on a Saturday?

Stage 2

Q 3With children about you need to drive slow
What is the fastest that they let you go?

Stage 3

Q 4The name of a house is what needs to be found
The tail of a creature who lives underground?

Stage 4

Q 5Arrows on a tree, yellow & black and blue & white
What order are they in? Are they pointing left or right?

Stage 5

Q 6A bird you'll see at Christmas time
And what may be hard work to climb

Stage 6

Q 7Twice on this stage, what could be AT BIG WHEELS?
Sort out the letters, tell us what it reveals!

Stage 7

Q 8Two black gates together you'll see
Please add up all the silver tips for me

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 2BARO, THERMO & HYGRO on weather meters (ref. Marx Brothers)
Q 4Cockerel on weather vane (ref. Pathé newsreel)
Q 51914 - 1919 on war memorial
Q 6LUKE'S DINING ROOM (i.e. New Testament)
Q 7Old lamp post (ref. George Formby song)
Q 8MINSIDE COTTAGE house-name (i.e. M inside cottage; M = 1000)
Q 9Total of 9 steps (3 + 6) at house named STEPS
Q 10Iron roses (outside house The Thatch) (ref. bands IRON MAIDEN and STONE ROSES)
Q 11STARTINS LANE (i.e. St Martin's Lane minus M)
Q 12LUBRICATE WITH GRAPHITE (on back of Union padlock)
Q 13KASP padlock (hidden reversed in KEEPSAKE)
Q 14In loving memory of Janet Zoe Bingham (died 25/7/2007)
Q 15Mossy stump (first letters)
Q 16HELP CARE FOR THIS WOOD, at gate on exit from wood (ref. wood preservative)
Q 17KASP padlock (i.e. GARRY KASPAROV, grandmaster chess player)
Q 19Old water pump in front garden (at APPLECOTE)
Q 20COPPER-COIN house-name (symbols on reverse of 1p and 2p coins)
Q 21The National Trust BIG FRITH (anag. BRIGHT IF)
Q 22KISSING GATE house-name
Q 23Lantern weather vane
Q 24Whale weather vane (also first letters)
Q 25DYARS house-name (i.e. YARDS with D 'advanced'; D = 500)
Spare AAZAR on low spotlight (hidden at centre of LOCAL HAZARD LIGHT)

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 1The Jolly Farmer
Q 29 am
Q 330 mph
Q 4MOLE END house-name
Q 5BLUE on WHITE then YELLOW on BLACK arrows. Both pointing left
Q 6ROBIN HILL house-name
Q 7WHITE GABLES house-name (seen twice on this stage)
Q 834 silver tips painted on black gates

Print Results Walk Results

Place Team Members Correct Answers Bonus Points League Points
1 Joanne Norfolk, Jeremy Norfolk, John Davis, Geoff Hunt, Alan Reeves 22 145 20
2 Chloe Whale, Alex Littlewood, Jamie Whale, Darren Goodsell 21 124 19
3 Pauline Smith, Colin Smith, Marita & Richard Nabarro 20 118 18
4 Joyce Heywood, Roger Heath, Roger Abbott, Liza Mann 18 105 17
5 Robert Collini, Andrew Cordani 17 99 16
6 Brad Morris, Steph Szulc, Nicholas Szulc 17 96 15
7 Rosie Treasure, Dave Saunders, Pat Saunders 16 86 14
8 Sheila Drake, Larry Dzubeck 11 68 13
9 Sally Hendrick, Paul Hendrick 11 51 12
10 Peter Evans, Zara Evans, Kiran Evans 10 40 11
11 Elizabeth Gurteen, Brenda Watson 8 35 10
12 Tracy & Malcolm Porter, Carole & Glenn Wilkinson 7 29 9