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Robert and Sue Whale
The Cookham Dean Challenge
There are just 8 clues to solve... one at the pub, then one on each stage of the walk.

Starter Clues

Q 1He keeps animals at his place
Always has a smile on his face!

Stage 1

Q 2Postman collects along the way
But at what time on a Saturday?

Stage 2

Q 3With children about you need to drive slow
What is the fastest that they let you go?

Stage 3

Q 4The name of a house is what needs to be found
The tail of a creature who lives underground?

Stage 4

Q 5Arrows on a tree, yellow & black and blue & white
What order are they in? Are they pointing left or right?

Stage 5

Q 6A bird you'll see at Christmas time
And what may be hard work to climb

Stage 6

Q 7Twice on this stage, what could be AT BIG WHEELS?
Sort out the letters, tell us what it reveals!

Stage 7

Q 8Two black gates together you'll see
Please add up all the silver tips for me