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Event Details

Date: Sunday 21st April 2013
Start Time: 2.00pm for a 2.15pm Start
Location: The Red Lion, Betchworth, Surrey, RH3 7DS
Organisers: Roger & Joyce
Present:The Andi'Cap Quizwalk for the John Cooper Treasure Chest
Walk Distance: 2.9 miles, 4.6 km

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The Red Lion, Old Road, Buckland, Betchworth, Surrey, RH3 7DS
From 5-way roundabout on A217 at Tadworth: Take B2032 signposted Headley. After four miles over level crossing at Betchworth Station to nearby roundabout on A25. Straight across, left at T junction and continue for 0.3 miles to Red Lion on left.
From Reigate town centre: Head west on A25 towards Dorking. After about 2.8 miles turn left at roundabout to Betchworth. Left again at T junction and continue for 0.3 miles to Red Lion on left.
From intersection of A24 and A25 at Dorking: Head east on A25 towards Reigate. After about 2.6 miles turn right at roundabout to Betchworth. Left at T junction and continue for 0.3 miles to Red Lion on left.

Nat Grid Ref:  TQ 214 504

Public Transport

No buses on Sundays. Nearest station is Betchworth from which it's a 0.8 mile walk to Red Lion. Right from station to nearby roundabout on A25. Straight across along Station Road. Left at T junction and continue for 0.3 miles to Red Lion on left.


Walk Location Map

Walk & Location Information

The Walk: Just 2.9 miles the walk is predominantly flat with one moderate gradient and a few stiles. It has some good country views and passes beside a lovely mill pond. However, it is not suitable for buggies.
The Venue: An old favourite with quizwalkers the Red Lion serves real ale (e.g. Doombar, Southwold bitter) and has a pub garden with a good number of tables. Roasts (sourced from fresh produce) cost around 12 and there are home-made desserts, too. Booking is advised as they can get very busy on Sundays - ring 01737 843336.
Child-friendly and dog-friendly. Website: http://www.redlionbetchworth.co.uk

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Note: No house names used.

Starter Clues

All answers are at the front of the pub.

Q 1Flight to nowhere.
Q 2At the heart
Of Shakespeare's art?
Q 3How horses run their race
Where nobblers have no place?
Spare AAdmitted to royal enclosure?
Spare BFrom depths of Depression right through to today
Here's a restriction that's still in play.

Stage 1

From car park at rear of pub: Ahead up gently rising field keeping paling fence on left. At corner of field take path diagonally right across next field. At field edge ahead between two wooden posts and follow path until reaching road.

Q 4Does scion of a knave
Make things that are a rave?
Q 5Spoken way of sampling views
As well as printing daily news?
Q 6For such as revamping the village store
Can they afford a few dollars more?

Stage 2

No answers until reaching "30" sign: Cross over and turn left. Continue to "30" sign on right. Stay on right-hand side of road past "Yewdells Close" until reaching "Dungates Lane" on right. Turn right into lane. End stage at "Pilgrim Cottage" at fork.

Q 7Quadrennial sequence applies
To winning of the prize.
Q 8Something for "Hacked Off" to express.
Putting it simply - we pan press.
Q 9A backward glance can restore
The unseen one of the four.
Q 10Published at the start of every quarter.

Stage 3

Fork right along "Public Bridleway". Soon follow track into the open and continue to four-pointer post in front. Walk past post then almost immediately turn left through metal kiss-gate along "Public Footpath". Ahead along field with fence on left. Through next kiss-gate and keep ahead, now with fence on right. Soon go up short, gentle rise, ending stage at nearby two-way "GW" pointer on sleeper on right.

Q 11Fumbling magician comes up short
When faced with computers and stuff of that sort.
Q 12Rapid runner? Of that no doubt.
But failing here to close it out.

Stage 4

Ahead towards house in front. Soon go through next metal kiss-gate and continue to nearby roadway. Here turn right and soon follow roadway downhill. Eventually at three-pointer post on right turn right along narrow "Public Footpath" between fences. End stage on reaching stile.

Q 13Transmitted message by sound?
Q 14Perhaps they became unhitched
When Reliant Robin ditched.

Stage 5

Over stile and ahead with fence on right. Soon over next stile and straight on towards building in front. After climbing third stile walk forward to three-pointer post and turn left over small bridge, skirting mill pond. Follow path round to road. Right on road and stay on right-hand side past newly- converted mill buildings. Follow road round bend to stile and "Public Footpath" pointer on right.

Q 15All the more to emphasise
A double negative here applies.
Q 16Opening stand has niggardly sound.
83 more and applause will abound.
Q 17In praise of highway?

Stage 6

No answers until reaching telegraph pole numbered "4" at bend: Ahead on road, keeping to right-hand side. Eventually pass "Wonham Hill" and continue to nearby telegraph pole numbered "4" at bend. Continue on right-hand side of road until eventually reaching a "Public Bridleway" pointer at gate on right. Through gate and head uphill on left-hand fork. At top continue ahead on path, soon following it downhill to stile on left beside brick wall.

Q 18Adulterates.
Q 19From the passengers' point of view
Perhaps there is a choice of two.
Q 20Some are see-through, some opaque,
But all a protective role do take.

Stage 7

Left over stile along path beside brick wall. When wall ends stay on path. After passing through metal kiss-gate carefully descend nearby steps and proceed to "Public Footpath" pointer at road. Left along road then soon left again into "Sandy Lane". Stay on right-hand side of lane to "Hartsfield Manor" sign on left.

Q 21Lying on its side
Whilst acting as a guide?
Q 22Man or woman? Cannot say.
But this is where they have to stay.

Stage 8

Ahead on right-hand side of road for about 75 yards until parallel with "Public Footpath" pointer on left. Here turn right through wide opening. Soon ascend two short flights of steps to reach next "Public Footpath" pointer. Straight over roadway, through kiss-gate and follow downhill path between fences. Soon right with path then left through kiss-gate. On reaching tarmac parking area veer slightly left along footway between close-boarded fences. Follow path down to "Public Footpath" sign and to main road just beyond. Right here to "Bus Stop" on right.

Q 23Just for selected passers-by?
All non-speakers are left to fry!
Q 24Hardy companion seen
Appearing on the screen.
Q 25Amazing how in a yard or two
A town can simply slip from view.

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

Q 1With scary claws
It often roars.

Stage 1

(Kids' I Spy: write down words/things you see beginning with the letter L)

Q 2Killed by a jolt
From a lightning bolt?

Stage 2

(Kids' I Spy: write down words/things you see made up of four letters. No plurals.)

Q 3You can wait for it just here.
What number vehicle will appear?

Stage 3

(Kids' I Spy: write down words/things you see beginning with the letter G)

Q 4Exactly where do you see
The letters "C" and "E"?

Stage 4

(Kids' I Spy: write down words/things you see beginning with the letter F)

Q 5Watch out!
Four-legged friends about.

Stage 5

(Kids' I Spy: write down words/things you see beginning with the letter P)

Q 6Piece of stone with hole right through.
What's the year that comes into view?

Stage 6

(Kids' I Spy: write down words/things you see made up of five letters. No plurals.)

Q 7Don't attempt to climb over here,
Else holes in your bottom will appear!

Stage 7

(Kids' I Spy: write down words/things you see beginning with the letter T)

Q 8Atop the weather vane is spied
Something to take you for a ride.

Stage 8

(Kids' I Spy: write down words/things you see made up of six letters. No plurals.)

Q 9Where to see a reflection of you.
Look at the casing and tell me the hue.

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 1Flight of ten steps leading to blank wall - to left of pub building.
Q 2"HUB-BARD" - on metal casing with vents.
Q 3"TRUE-FORM" - on manufacturer's label below bus timetable.
Spare A"Yale" (hidden in "ro-YAL E-nclosure" - on burglar alarm on wall of pub.
Spare B"Rights of Way Act 1932....No Public Right of Way" - on notice on wall of pub.
Q 4"JACK-SON'S FINE PRODUCTS" - on metal tag on gate on left.
Q 5Telegraph Pole (Poll) - near edge of field.
Q 6"Buckland Parish Council" - on plastic container at end of Stage 1.
Q 7"Best Kept Village" plaques dated 1994 and 1998 - on wall of "The Reading Room".
Q 8"Newspapers" (anagram of "we pan press") - on gate at "Jokers Moon".
Q 9Fourth sail of windmill seen when looking back - in garden of "Yewdells" on right.
Q 10"N-E-W-S-PAPERS" - on box at "Holly Lodge".
Q 11"T C Hardware" - on padlock at gate on right.
Q 12Bolt with no plate to slide into - at gate beside four-way pointer post.
Q 13"CENT-RE WIRE" - on manufacturer's tag at kiss-gate.
Q 14Three old tyres - just before stile at end of Stage 4.
Q 15"NO" doubly underlined - on "No Fishing" notice at mill pond.
Q 16"17-4-0" - on side wall of mill buildings.
Q 17"Trumpets Hill Road" - name of road on left just past "1740".
Q 18Spikes - on railings on left of road.
Q 19"A-BUS 65/50" - on padlock on gate beside "Public Bridleway" sign.
Q 20Translucent and opaque sapling protectors - around saplings to left and right.
Q 21"Michelin" on tyre lying sideways - to left of path.
Q 22"Sandy Lane" - name of road near end of Stage 7.
Q 23"Electric Fence - Cloture Electrique - Cerca Electrica" - on label attached to fence near kiss-gate.
Q 24Laurel hedge.
Q 25"Old Reigate Road" followed by "Old Road" - just before end of Stage 8.

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 1Red lion with sharp claws - on pub sign.
Q 2Figure of man prostrate beneath electricity bolt - on "Danger of Death" sign on telegraph pole.
Q 3"32" - on "Bus Stop" sign.
Q 4Letters around the perimeter of horse-training area on right.
Q 5"Beware Horses" - on notice just into narrow path near end of Stage 4.
Q 6"2012" - carved on stone piece at front of mill buildings.
Q 7Spikes - on railings on left of road.
Q 8Horse and carriage - on top of weather vane at "Knowl Cottage" just before "Sandy Lane".
Q 9Green casing around convex mirror - beside "Public Footpath" pointer.

Print Results Walk Results

Place Club Member Correct Answers Handicap Score
1=Coral & Stuart Wabe1616.25-0.25
2Jenny Cameron1617.33-1.33
3Robert Collini1821.00-3.00
4Geoff Hunt1821.60-3.60
5=Pauline & Colin Smith1721.00-4.00
6Alan Reeves1822.20-4.20
7=Kath & Dennis Biggs1014.75-4.75
8=Ros McGavin, Brenda Wooden1419.00-5.00
9Darren Goodsell1823.20-5.20
10Derek Harding1419.33-5.33
11=Joanne & Jeremy Norfolk1825.00-7.00
11=Sheila Drake, Larry Dzubeck1320.00-7.00
12Brenda Watson815.33-7.33
13Liza Mann1219.67-7.67
14Elizabeth Gurteen816.20-8.20
15Roger Abbott1321.75-8.75
16Penny Biggs1019.67-9.67
17=Mark & Samantha London1325.00-12.00
18=Peter Evans, Claire & Ben Clark1225.00-13.00
19James Biggs1023.33-13.33
20=John & Sue Donelan, Mike & Maureen Fox1125.00-14.00