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Event Details

Date: Sunday 8th September 2013
Start Time: 2.15 pm
Location: The Jovial Sailor Pub, Portsmouth Road, Ripley, Surrey
Organisers: James & Penny Biggs
Present:The Jovial Jaunt
Walk Distance: 4.5 miles, 7.2 km

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The Jovial Sailor Pub, Portsmouth Road, Ripley, Woking, Surrey, GU23 6EZ
The Pub is situated on the B2215 - Portsmouth Road, at the southern end of Ripley village, which lies just off the A3.

Nat Grid Ref:  TQ 045 554

Public Transport

Woking is the nearest railway station about 10 in a taxi. The local buses do not operate on Sunday's.


Walk Location Map

Walk & Location Information

The Walk: 4.5 miles in length, it's mainly flat and easy walking on well made paths, there are a couple of small hills but nothing strenuous. There are several stiles, gates and a couple of narrow paths, Majority of the walk is suitable for buggies, if you intend bringing a buggy please discuss it with me first (07889 384047) The walk takes in beautiful scenery as you stroll around a sailing lake and a lovely section of the Wey Navigation canal.
The Venue: The pub is part of the Chef & Brewer chain it's open and serves food all day from 12 noon, however it gets extremely busy so I would recommend that you book - 01483 224360 (you can also book online). There is an extensive menu including daily specials, which cater for all tastes and budgets, Roasts start from 7.99 full details are available on their website: www.chefandbrewer.com The pub is children friendly and children's menu is available for them. The ales on offer are Doom Bar and Wainwright's, they have several guest ales as well. There is a reasonable sized car park at the side of the venue and a large garden to the rear.

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Starter Clues

Q 1This maritime man is based on dry land.
Q 2This is so proved true I think, it's time to have a drink.
Q 3Innovative persistence creates a reactive existence.

Stage 1

Turn right out of car park and follow the main road, crossing at the bollards. After about 300 yards turn left over a stile and follow the path uphill, stay to the right of a single oak tree and follow the edge of the field. Eventually you will arrive at a bridge where the stage ends.

Q 4Come forth a rock singer from the north.
Q 5A jet stream that can be seen.
Q 6ER is queen securing the scene.

Stage 2

Cross the bridge and veer right, follow the path as it bends right into woods. After 150 yards turn left towards the lake, then maintain the same direction heading towards a seat to join the path running alongside the lake. Continue on this path as it goes back into the woods (still following the edge of the lake) eventually you will see a large wooden angling sign. About 50 yards before this sign turn right to the road where the stage ends.

Q 7Don't enter this abyss or you might scare the fish.
Q 8The deaf dragon can be found towering above the ground.
Q 9Help now the girl in cryptic danger.

Stage 3

Cross the road and turn left onto footpath, continue on this path, About 50 yards passed Papercourt Lane cross the road and follow the path soon entering a car park, leave the car park and cross a small bridge, the stage ends when you reach the canal.

Q 10Past recollection with guaranteed reflection.
Q 11Crack owls clean code to get onto this road.
Q 12These servants from another place can been seen in outer space.
Q 13Land used in different ways, harnessing the suns rays.

Stage 4

Turn left and continue along the towpath through a meadow, eventually arriving at Papercourt Lock, where you cross the canal to follow the towpath on the other side. The stage ends when you arrive at the next bridge.

Q 14Find your way back using this cunning track.
Q 15This hazard from the starboard side may affect your ride.
Q 16Managing the hydro flow with some get up and go!

Stage 5

Cross the bridge to arrive at a lane, turn left and follow the lane, the stage ends when you arrive at a junction.

Q 17Superman's alias in metallic form is this the norm?
Q 18The government has a plan for the produce of this land.
Q 19This bird you will meet Never Eats Soggy Wheat!

Stage 6

Turn right and follow the lane, eventually arriving at a junction. Cross the road and follow the path this will later become a pavement passing some interesting building as you arrive into the village of Send Marsh. The stage ends at the next junction at the corner of the green.

Q 20A display of worthless material.
Q 21This company will let you down if there's no helium around.
Q 22The home of Lord Moan.

Stage 7

Cross the road and maintain direction on the footpath, after passing Birnam Close cross the road again and follow the track. When you arrive at a farm gate turn right over a stile and through a field. Follow the path as it passes the edge of a nursery, to arrive back at the Portsmouth Road where the walk ends.

Q 23This could be the sound of a carol from underground.
Q 24To the salesman's disgust, an appointment is a must.
Q 25These cad clues will help you win or lose.

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

Q 1Who is the happy nautical man
Q 2Which village is welcoming you
Q 3These pair make a great combination, spreading over the nation.

Stage 1

Q 4How many telephones can you see
Q 5Some where to go for a rest

Stage 2

Q 6Who is the seat in memory of
Q 7Who owns the pylons?

Stage 3

Q 8When was Homewood Cottages build
Q 9How many stars can you see

Stage 4

Q 10Who made the wooden gates
Q 11How heavy can you be to cross the bridge

Stage 5

Q 12How old is Prews Farm
Q 13Big brother is watching Hawthorn Farm

Stage 6

Q 14What month is this cottage named after

Stage 7

Q 15Get your apples and pears here

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Q 1The Jovial Sailor
Q 2Anagram: Proud To Serve = so proved true
Q 3Anagram: Creative = reactive
Q 4Adams York drain cover
Q 5West winds (house name)
Q 6Anagram: Squire (padlock) = ER IS QUeen
Q 7Danger deep water no swimming sign
Q 8Anagram: Danger of Death (on pylon) = the deaf dragon
Q 9Anagram: throwing line = now the girl in
Q 10look back to see a mirror on a pole
Q 11Anagram: slow concealed = owls clean code
Q 12Anagram: The Seven Stars = these servants
Q 13Solar panels in field
Q 14The fox way
Q 15Beware strong current to right sign
Q 16Papercourt lock opened 1653 the lock that moved
Q 17Clark steel drain cover
Q 18DEFRA energy crops scheme
Q 19Cockerel weathervane - Never Eats Soggy Wheat are the points on the weathervane
Q 20Nordis Signs no scrap value
Q 21Mih Ltd - balloon gas sign
Q 22Anagram: old manor = Lord Moan
Q 23Broads PO silent knight drain cover
Q 24No cold calling trading standards sign
Q 25Anagram: Cul-De-Sac = cad clues

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 1The Jovial Sailor
Q 2Ripley
Q 3Chef & Brewer Pub Co
Q 43
Q 5The Retreat
Q 6Jill Spiral
Q 7Seeboard PLC
Q 81868
Q 97
Q 10AJ Charlton
Q 111.5 T
Q 12121 years old
Q 13CCTV 24 hour surveillance
Q 14April
Q 15Little Orchard

Print Results Walk Results

Place Team Members Correct Answers Bonus Points League Points
1= Joanne Norfolk, Jeremy Norfolk, Geoff Hunt, John Davis, Alan Reeves 25 207 20
1= Robert Collini, Andrew Cordani 25 207 20
1= Roger Heath, Lisa Mann, Jacqui Hill, Bob Hill 25 207 20
4 Robert Whale 23 183 17
5 Jamie Whale, Darren Goodsell 19 147 16
6 Elizabeth Gurteen, June Daniels 17 131 15
7 Kath Biggs, Denis Biggs, Linda Read 11 79 14