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Event Details

Date: Sunday 26th May 2013
Start Time: 2.15 pm
Location: Ye Olde Ship Inn. St Catherine's Village, Guildford, GU2 4EB
Organisers: Geoff Hunt and Alan Reeves
Present:The St Catherine's Saunter
Walk Distance: 2.8 miles, 4.5 km

Print Directions Directions

Ye Olde Ship Inn, St Catherine's Village, Portsmouth Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4EB. Phone: 01483 575731 (food).
The pub is on the A3100 Portsmouth Road running south from Guildford. Most drivers will want to approach from the south.
From the A25 via Dorking: After Shere, take the A248 west to Shalford. At Shalford turn left onto the A281 and then right to rejoin the A248. After 1 km turn right (north) on to the A3100 towards Guildford and Artington. The pub is 1 km north on the right.
From the A3 via Compton: Take the B3000 Compton turn off. Follow this and turn left (north) on to the A3100 towards Guildford and Artington. The pub is 1.5 km north on the right.

Nat Grid Ref:  SU 992 483

Public Transport

Guildford rail station is 0.75 miles (1.2 km) north of St Catherines's Village & Artington: www.nationalrail.co.uk.
The Stagecoach 71 bus to Godalming runs through Artington (11.35 & 13.35 am) and takes a few minutes, but it is probably quicker to walk.
Turn right out of the station and follow the main road south looking for 'A3100', 'Portsmouth Road', 'Godalming'. This should put you onto the busy A3100 which leads to the pub.
For a pleasanter walk divert to the river/canal. At the second bridge over the River Wey join the footpath on the right hand side. Soon cross over a footbridge to Millmead Lock. Stay on the towpath on the right hand side of the canal. After 10 minutes, take the right turn just before the footbridge up to the pub.


Walk Location Map

Walk & Location Information

The Walk: A very mixed walk with a canal and lock, railway, water meadows, park, open countryside, and woods. Mostly level with one long gentle climb and descent. The section through the water meadow, and the steps leading from it, can be very muddy and it is not suitable for buggies. There are no stiles.
The Venue: Open Sunday 11 am - 10.30 pm. The pub dates from 1556 and is almost next to the pretty ruined St Catherine's chapel. The pub has a very varied menu with sandwiches, ploughmans, salads, and main meals from £6 to £12. Their specialty is a range of wood oven cooked pizzas. Children's portions are available. See www.yeoldeshipinn.com for menus.
Parking is limited so we suggest Sandy Lane opposite. You will have to drive 200m to escape the yellow lines.

Print Route Sheet & Questions Route & Question Sheet

Starter Clues

All of the clues are located within the pub car park and front pavement area only.

Q 1Mail here when you want a beer.
Telegraph when you fancy a half.
Q 2Something for the discerning toper?
Sounds like where he’d weigh his motor.
Q 3Openly hides in ruined building.

Stage 1

Turn left from the pub into Ferry Lane where Stage 1 starts. Continue down to the canal. Turn right and then left across the footbridge. Follow the main path that leads to the park. Go through/past the gates and turn right along the edge of the park. The stage ends at the tarmac path.

Q 4The four corners of the country? No, just the one where we live.
Spare AThe Reverend Spooner would sooner advise “This is no place to dump or jive”.
Q 5Crazy murder without hesitation.
Q 6T’was Cedric I saw holding security measure.
Q 7I and a swap can reveal students' view of exams.

Stage 2

Turn right along the tarmac path. Just before the Give Way sign where it joins the road, turn left into the churchyard. Go through the churchyard and exit through the main gate. Turn left to the main road and then turn right. The stage ends at the public bridleway before the Seahorse pub.

Q 8Rail Rover?
Q 9Give boy band member the sack,
reportedly it’s for having a snack.
Spare BWildly embrace men for danger.
Q 10You're looking for a sign? Even Dawkins would believe!
Q 11Home of the finest whisky.

Stage 3

Turn right and then soon left. Follow the path to a kissing gate on the right that leads down to the water meadow. Follow the main path. The stage ends after the weir.

Q 12For Eddie here it’s twice
his forecast climb to paradise.
Q 13Drifters here must be small,
certainly less than 6 inches tall.
Q 14Could cause the traveler to repent,
should he park badly during Lent.

Stage 4

Continue along by the canal to the weir and lock. From there head along the path that leads under the railway. The stage ends at the main road.

Q 15Some news for fish as they swim past?
The stronghold’s clutter free at last.
Q 16Holy wheel-clamp, boatman!
Spare CStream decoded to provide digital security.
Q 17Belt and braces and a piece of string,
no economy when security is the thing.

Stage 5

There are no clues on the road section (300 m). Turn left along the main road and then right into "The Ridges" road. Clues start after the last private house on the right. Follow the footpath uphill. The stage ends at the 3 way junction of paths.

Q 18Otherwise we're just SRRE PLICE.
Q 19My! Who tried to just by talking about it.
Q 20Tommy refused a credit card many years ago.

Stage 6

Turn right uphill into the woods. Continue across a side road to the top of the woods. The stage ends at the wooden handrail that appears on the left.

Q 21A busy Olympian but no doubt Ennis' courtship includes space for declarations of love.
Spare DApply here for shotgun weddings?
Q 22He first made mad.

Stage 7

Continue on the path to the road. Follow the road back to the pub.

Q 23Clearly not our first choice team some 25 Olympics ago.
Q 24Resistance movement in government opposing Osbourne’s cuts.
Q 25The scene of Lady Anne’s conversion.

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

Q 1Ideal for net working sailors.
Q 2I spy a "Bee with two eyes".

Stage 1

Q 3Look for... Well just look
Q 4For every two that sleep on their back you'll find one that sleeps on their side.

Stage 2

Q 5Carefully check security and if you do,
you’ll find a drink and meal in it for you.
Q 6Stocks you can share with a partner in crime.

Stage 3

Q 7Who is having a chew?
Q 8Cry baby _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Stage 4

Q 9Is Peter Pan's enemy buried here?
Q 10It's a good day for fooling around.

Stage 5

Q 11And without you we're just SRRE PLICE.
Q 12Homer’s hammock? Health and Safety policing gone mad.

Stage 6

Q 13Has love letters for ewe?
Q 14Perhaps only John Parrot would take this pot?

Stage 7

Q 15Walkers nut.
Q 16Might be seen guarding the queen.

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 1"Newspapers" sign by entrance.
Q 2"Cask Ales" by car park entrance (car scales).
Q 3"Ye Olde Ship Inn" anagram "Openly hides in".
Q 4"S E G B" on utility lid. South Eastern Gas Board or South East Great Britain?
Spare A“Danger Do Not Jump or Dive Off This Bridge” sign at footbridge over canal.
Q 5Nature post inscription “Wild Drum”. Anagram of "murder" without hesitation "er".
Q 6"CISA" on padlock. "Cedri CISA w".
Q 7"Scholars Trail" signs on way posts. "Scholars Trial" after swapping 'i' and 'a'.
Q 8“A trained dog is a happy dog” on bin. A Rail Rover was a kind of travel ticket.
Q 9"Canteen" sign on Portacabin. "can" = "sack".
Spare B“Garden Of Remembrance” sign in churchyard.
Q 10"Church Close" road sign opposite church entrance.
Q 11"The Old Malt House" where "Blue Sky Thinking" happens.
Q 12Six steps to garden gate. Eddie Cochrane sang "Three Steps To Heaven" in 1960.
Q 13Boardwalk in water meadow. The Drifters sang "Under The Boardwalk" in 1964.
Q 14"Fastclamp" on gate fittings at weir. Lent is a period of fasting.
Q 15"Keep Clear" sign at weir. "keep" = "fort".
Q 16“St Catherines Lock” sign by canal.
Spare C"Master" digital padlock. Anagram of "stream".
Q 17“Yale” & “CISA” & “Squire” padlocks on gate bolt at barrier.
Q 18“Surrey Police” “with you making Surrey safer” signs. Clue is "Surrey Police" without "you".
Q 19“Inspire a Generation” banner on pavilion. The Who sang "My Generation" in 1965.
Q 20"Private No Access" signs.
Q 21Tennis Court. "doub T ENNIS COURT ship" Jessica Ennis married last weekend.
Spare D“Firearms licensing” sign on office.
Q 22"The Firs" road sign. Anagram.
Q 23"GBB 1904" on stone post. GB B team. 1904 was the 3rd Olympics. 2012 was the 28th Summer Olympics.
Q 24"Cables Underground" sign on wall. Describes Vince Cable's department.
Q 25"Sandy Lane" road sign. Anagram.

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 1“Wi-Fi onboard” in window.
Q 2“Member BII 2013” sign.
Q 3“Beware of... Well just beware” sign at “1 Ferry Cottage”
Q 4Sleepers footbridge – 4 lying flat + 2 on edge either side.
Q 5“Yale” “Legge” locks on church door. Ale and Egg.
Q 6Stocks with 4 foot holes in front of the church.
Q 7“Grazing animals” on gate.
Q 8Wildlife board “The musical reeds” with “Reed Bunting (male)” & “Reed Bunting (female)”.
Q 9Large iron hook on the left like Captain Hook.
Q 10“APR/01” on sign in drain. April Fools Day.
Q 11SURREY POLICE without Y O U.
Q 12Scramble net pegged to the ground.
Q 13“Rampost” inscribed on 2 bollards.
Q 14Pink spot on tree. John Parrot is a snooker player who might take this pot.
Q 15Acorn logo on “North Downs Way” finger post.
Q 16“Regal” “Security Systems” signs at end of Sandy Lane.

Print Results Walk Results

Place Team Members Correct Answers Bonus Points League Points
1 Darren Goodsell, Pauline Smith, Colin Smith 23 215 20
2 Roger Abbott, Joyce Heywood, Roger Heath, Jacqui Hill, Bob Hill 22 193 19
3 Peter Evans, Christine Cooper, Andrew Cordani 20 177 18
4 Marion Earp, Jan Spencer 17 139 17
5 Elizabeth Gurteen, June Daniels 15 119 16
6 Penny Biggs, James Biggs, Kath Biggs, Dennis Biggs 15 116 15
7 Margaret Rowe, Jenny Cameron 14 107 14