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Event Details

Date: Sunday 11th April 2010
Start Time: 2.15 p.m.
Location: The Hurtwood Inn, Peaslake, Surrey GU5 9RR
Organisers: Robert and Sue Whale
Present:The Hurtwood Handicap
Walk Distance: 3 miles (4.8 km)

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The Hurtwood Inn, Walking Bottom, Peaslake, Surrey GU5 9RR
Take the road south from Shere village (just off the A25 Guildford to Dorking road). After about half a mile take the left turn signposted Peaslake. The Hurtwood Inn is on your right when you reach the village centre.

Nat Grid Ref:  TQ 085 448

Public Transport

Sadly the local bus (No.25) does not run on Sundays. For those coming by train, Gomshall is the nearest station (about 3 miles away). There is a two-hourly service on the Guildford Dorking line on a Sunday.
You can view the train timetable here: http://www.firstgreatwestern.co.uk/Documents/Custom/Dec%2009%20TT/GW09D_TT20_WEB.pdf
For a list of local cab firms try the following websites: http://www.britinfo.net/taxis/TBBWP28050.htm (Dorking) and http://www.britinfo.net/taxis/TBLDP28050.htm (Guildford)


Walk Location Map

Walk & Location Information

An elegant country inn with bar & restaurant. Lovely beer from the local Surrey Hills brewery (Ranmore Ale, Shere Drop, etc) plus two others. A good selection of lunchtime food, served in the bar or in the separate restaurant. The Sunday lunchtime menu in the restaurant includes a selection of roasts plus the specials board. Choose three courses for 19.95 or two courses (starter/main or main/dessert) for 15.95. They suggest booking if you want to eat in the restaurant (01306 730851). More details, including bar menu, on the website at http://www.hurtwoodinnhotel.com
There is a car park at the rear of the pub, and they are happy for walkers to leave their vehicles there.

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Starter Clues

All answers can be found on the 2 sides of the pub which have main entrances.

Q 1Let your finger get connected
Mail man may be so directed?
Q 2Expect a top-notch drinking session
They're both at the peak of their profession
Q 3Part of a sexist agenda?
A night with the lads on a bender

Stage 1

Turn right out of pub and follow lane past the memorial hall. After a couple of hundred yards, this starts to slope gradually uphill. Stage ends at junction (Lawbrook Lane sign).

Q 4I wouldn't recommend running down this little sneak
He'll only go blabbing to the reverend next week
Q 5Designed to call to mind the trees
With pendulous extremities
Q 6Outdoor pursuit to which you'd confess
A race that is held in time of success

Stage 2

Continue ahead. Soon, at junction by Peaslake House sign, bear right. After about 25 yards (just before white barrier at entrance to property), bear left on bridleway and into wood. Keep ahead to first cross-path, where stage ends. (If very muddy on lower level, use raised path to left for 50 yards or so).

Q 7Pursuit requiring a bit more exertion
With what you might throw in a left or right version
Q 8This may well guard the booty
But perhaps lose rustic beauty?

Stage 3

Keep ahead at this cross-path, and again at the next one, where you should also ignore a slight fork to the left. Stage ends at road.

Q 9Electing NC might not be astute
DC at least keeps us on the right route
Someone's gone AWOL, so no chance for he
It seems that the future looks bleak for GB
Q 10Rolls supplied by Bill, we hear?
No, but this is something near
Q 11It updates spectators, if they should forget
With latest details of the sporting set

Stage 4

Cross the road and continue along lane, which bears almost immediately to the right. Keep following the lane, ignoring any footpaths leading off to the left. Eventually, after passing through a gateway, the path splits, here ignore driveway to house, keeping to the right-hand side (but to left of field). Continue ahead with field on right. Stage ends by electric fence warning sign on left.

Q 12Sewell's creation is here illustrated
Isn't it time you decelerated?
Q 13The place where the runners wait to compete
And all of the riders are still in their seat
Q 14Elderly rust-ics whose stance never varies
We think they're a pair of old secretaries
Q 15X marks the spot, you'll agree
It's the Age of the New Century

Stage 5

Continue ahead, passing Dicks Hill Farmhouse on left and then wire vine enclosure on your right. At far end of field, turn right along wide path behind the enclosure. At far corner, over stile and turn right, following path as it bears round to left and downhill. Over stile and ahead to Y-junction. Take left-hand fork along footpath. Through next gateway and keep ahead on path which becomes grassy. Through gate and continue on path to road where stage ends.

Q 16They'll watch out, serving tenants overnight
Nocturnal experts, OK? With long sight
Q 17Rarely seen in the news, there's no doubt
And apt to get cold if the drugs have run out
Q 18A footballing brother could yet become knighted
His skills clearly leave the first family delighted
Q 19Obviously an 'ome with a canine connotation
Far from fox-friendly or full of feline fascination

No clues on the next short stretch: Cross the road (take care) and turn right, keeping to left-hand side as you pass round a sharp right-hand bend. After 100 yards turn left at gateway (Kiln Platt Cottage).

Stage 6

Don't take the track leading to house but keep to left-hand side on grassy path, with fence to your left. Go through the spring-loaded gate, keeping to left-hand side of field, over rise, then through a similar gate. Keep straight ahead with open fields on left and right, then through another gateway to road, where stage ends.

Q 20REJOICES perhaps, having got it on board?
That would surely get one a big points reward
Q 21Depicting three of a very well-known set
The last two seem to have left the quintet
Q 22It's a crumpled red cap you might wear
To the Broadway production of 'Hair'

Stage 7

Turn left and follow lane for 100 yards with stone wall on right, then take footpath on right. Follow the pedestrian route around the building work, then at back of property, keep to RH path along edge of field. Keep on this path as it goes fairly steeply downhill, then finally through kissing-gate back to the Hurtwood Inn.

Q 23Nigel S he beat for the prize
Here he's certainly been cut down to size
Q 24A new building block
That's in hard square rock?
Spare ARenowned for a mocking sense of fun
This eye first spied in '61
Q 25You'll be at the pub in just a jiffy
Cognacs taken ... getting squiffy?

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

Q 1When it's dark there are lots to see
Outside this place I spy three

Stage 1

Q 2Important river that you might know
And all along it this does flow

Stage 2

Q 3Wearing out our dirty shoes
Just first letters you must use

Stage 3

Q 4Where you might see two men out
Wearing white and rushing about

Stage 4

Q 5Big and round, the driver's friend
It helps you look around the bend

Stage 5

Q 6Four little fellows on guard all day
But they can't bark or chase you away

Stage 6

Q 7On this lock it will display
What might take you to school each day

Stage 7

Q 8How far from here could you go
And still maybe see Rudolph and co?

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 1PRESS button by pub door (i.e. press = newspapers, e.g. Daily Mail)
Q 2Ian Robin BEST, Simon Andrew BEST (licensees)
Q 3Stag on pub sign (hidden in sexist agenda, i.e. stag night)
Q 5"Willow Cottage" - house-name (with drooping Ws)
Q 6WALKING BOTTOM (i.e. Walking + TT inside Boom)
Q 7Running Hook' - house-name
Q 9Post with yellow and blue arrows (ref. Nick Clegg, David Cameron & Gordon Brown)
Q 10BENTLEY COPSE (ref. Rolls & Bentley motor cars; the Bill = police)
Q 11Scoreboard at tennis court
Q 12Black horse & SLOW DOWN sign (ref. Black Beauty by Anna S)
Q 13Green START button by gate
Q 14Two rusty ornamental birds (secretary birds?)
Q 1510 on telegraph pole (X = 10 as a Roman numeral; current year is 2010)
Q 16Two stone owls (by gate at Dicks Hill Farmhouse) (first letters)
Q 17Turkey on weather vane (N,E,W,S, also cold turkey = symptoms after drug withdrawal)
Q 18AJ Charlton, timber merchants by royal appointment (i.e. A + J Charlton, brother of Sir Bobby)
Q 19HOUND HOUSE (i.e. following similar alliteration in the clue)
Q 20"J8" upside down on post by trough (ref. Scrabble tile)
Q 21IAE label on trough (ref. the five vowels without O,U)
Q 22ZFE & "American lock company" on padlock (i.e. FEZ & lock = hair)
Q 23KASP on padlock (i.e. Gary Kasparov & Nigel Short, chess-players)
Q 24QUAKERS' ORCHARD - house-name (anag. HARD SQUARE ROCK & building work)
Spare A"Private" on gate (ref. Private Eye magazine, founded in 1961)

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 1Three stars
Q 3Woods
Q 4Tennis court
Q 5Mirror on corner of road at start of stage
Q 6Four small stone dogs in garden
Q 7ABUS padlock
Q 81 mile (when deer could be seen)

Print Results Walk Results

Place Club Member Correct Answers Handicap Score
1Roger Abbott22.0017.005.00
2John Davis20.0018.601.40
3Rob & Jaqui Hill22.0021.330.67
4Roger Heath & Joyce Heywood22.0022.80-0.80
5Lin Morris & Sandra Glennon17.0018.00-1.00
6Geoff Hunt20.0021.40-1.40
7Alan Reeves20.0021.60-1.60
8Brad Morris17.0018.80-1.80
9Brenda Wooden15.0018.75-3.75
10Brenda Watson13.0016.80-3.80
11Dereck & Sheila Harding15.0019.67-4.67
12Elizabeth Gurteen13.0018.80-5.80
13Jayesh & Annette Kothari11.0017.00-6.00
15=Alan & Penny Hyslop15.0025.00-10.00
15=Keith & Hazel Marshall15.0025.00-10.00
15=Les & Kay Merryman15.0025.00-10.00
19Keith & Margaret Semple11.0022.00-11.00
20Don & Carol Sandom13.0025.00-12.00
21Jason & Sonja Rogers11.0023.33-12.33