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Event Details

Date: Sunday 9th May 2010
Start Time: 2.15 pm
Location: The Running Horse, Bridge Street, Leatherhead, Surrey
Organisers: Brenda Watson and Elizabeth Gurteen
Present:The Leatherhead Loiter
Walk Distance: 3 miles (4.8 km)

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The Running Horse, Bridge Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 8BZ
From Dorking: Follow A24 and at roundabout take A246 West towards Guildford, take the road towards Leatherhead Leisure Centre and at 2nd roundabout turn right back towards Leatherhead.
From Guildford: Take A246 East towards Leatherhead.

Nat Grid Ref:  TQ 164 564

Public Transport

The nearest railway station is Leatherhead (500 yards). Go to www.nationalrail.co.uk for train times.


Walk Location Map

Walk & Location Information

The Walk: An undulating 3 miles which includes a visit to Bocketts Farm. The route can be a little muddy at this time of the year. The route is not suitable for children’s buggies.
The Venue: The Running Horse is an historical and traditional real ale CAMRA and Cask Marque Surrey country pub, serving good quality food, wine, real ale and beer. Sunday roasts are available. There is a small garden and you can eat out there if the weather is fine. Those intending to eat at the pub should book a table by ringing 01372 372 081.

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Starter Clues

All answers are within the car park area.

Q 1A right royal sign of approval
Q 2Seen near the river head
Q 3Have been on high and thrilled

Stage 1

With the pub behind you, turn right and cross the road bridge over the River Mole. Immediately after the bridge turn left onto a narrow concrete path that soon brings you to a well-manicured meadow. Press on alongside the river until a tarmac drive is met. E.O.S. (1) - Turn Right

Q 4It's not just the W.I. that does handcraft?
Q 5What can you do at the Grove?
Q 6The shortened name of the person who wrote the famous short Poem "Ozymandias"
Q 7What can you see from the Bridge?

Stage 2

Carry on along the drive and at a fork keep to the left. Soon after the drive has passed the buildings of the vineyard it narrows and climbs up Hawk's Hill. E. O.S. (2) at the beginning of the railway bridge.

Q 88+1+8+1+3+1+3+1
Q 9What is the wafting sound?
Q 10I am hungry

Stage 3

Cross a railway bridge and keep ahead over an open piece of grassland to meet posts at the far side. Now turn right along a rising chalk path to meet a T junction. Turn left here along a bridleway that eventually brings you to a road. E.O.S. (3)

Q 11All in line, but what is the crop?
Q 12Ben Elton characters could live here?
Q 13They reigned from 1485 until 1603?

Stage 4

Cross the road, WITH CARE and follow a drive to the right to meet the entrance to Bockett's Farm. Time for Tea, Cakes and Clues not in order! - This is stage (4).

Q 14Cultivation in progress is on the news
Q 15What sort of a park is here?
Q 16Virgil would have said this to Scott
Q 17Where did you see the lady carrying the milk?

Stage 5

Walk through Bockett's Farm with the barn on you right and the tea room on your left to follow a public footpath. Go through a kissing gate and turn right to walk along side of field. A third of the way turn left across the field to pass under a railway line and press on ahead, ignoring a second kissing gate to your right, pass the end of a car park. E.O.S. (5)

Q 18What is the crowd?
Q 19Hatch - Match - Dispatch.
Q 20She is the great granddaughter of Alice Keppel.

Stage 6

Pass the end of the car park to meet up with the bank of the River Mole. Turn left here and follow the path as it soon passes under a road bridge. The path gradually leaves the river to continue alongside the growing- grounds of Thorncroft Vineyard E.O.S. (6) at junction.

Q 21Sounds like a sport but could be shallow?
Spare ALIMA,NOVEMBER,ROMEO - or another meaning?
Q 22Jack Lord would have started the answer with this?

Stage 7

Turn right here along the tarmac drive and just before it crosses the river, turn left along the riverbank and retrace your steps to the Running Horse.

Q 23Graphic of a sleeve with 3 gold bands and 1 gold ring
Q 24Three things you cannot do! What are they?
Q 25Who cherished this place?

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

Q 1Harry Potter had one of these to send messages?

Stage 1

Q 2How many Arches?

Stage 2

Q 3With my little eye?

Stage 3

Q 4You could play these to rid Hamelin of the Rats?

Stage 4

Q 5The deer's are missing but how many pairs are there?
Q 6What sort of racing is done here?

Stage 5

Q 7Silhouette of an Animal
Q 8Found in the USA?

Stage 6

Q 9What feeds on the Alder?

Stage 7

Q 10What is the fraction?

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 1Cask marque 3 crowns
Q 21st letters of - Shepheard Neame - The Running Horse
Q 31st letters of - Historic Building 120
Q 4Norbury Park Wood Products
Q 5You can hire the Function Room
Q 6Shell Bridge
Q 7Fish Spotting (on the map)
Q 8JE Jacobs
Q 9Wind chimes
Q 10I FAM on gate padlock
Q 11Elderberries
Q 12Young Street
Q 13Tudor House on right
Q 14Horse and plough weather vane on barn
Q 15Buggy Park
Q 16FAB ice cream
Q 17Door of the Ladies toilet
Q 18Scarecrows on right
Q 19View of Church at Leatherhead on the left
Q 20Camilla Drive
Q 21Riffles form over shallow ground (on notice board)
Q 22Bookham Rifle Club
Q 23Admiral Security System at Thorncroft House
Q 24No Fishing/No Camping/No Boating
Q 25In memory of MOHAMMED HAMATA on bench by river
Spare ALocal Nature Reserve

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 1Owl on the Surrey Constabulary Pubwatch sign
Q 214
Q 3Spy Alarms
Q 43 clay pipes
Q 512 pairs of antlers
Q 6Pig Racing
Q 7Black Rabbit in hedge on right
Q 8Padlock -America - lock on gate
Q 9The siskin
Q 103/4

Print Results Walk Results

Place Team Members Correct Answers Bonus Points League Points
1 Amie Davis, John Davis, Geoff Hunt, Alan Reeves 16 148 20
2 Kay Merryman, Les Merryman, Frances Simmonds, Bob Simmonds, Angela Faulkner, Tim Faulkner 16 126 19
3 Roger Heath, Joyce Heywood 13 100 18
4 Darren Goodsell, Jamie Whale 12 92 17
5 Sue Whale, Robert Whale 12 82 16
6 Ros McGavin, Brenda Wooden, Claire Ridgway 11 79 15
7 Peter Foulkes, Casey Foulkes, Ned Foulkes, Kit Foulkes 10 71 14
8 Val Rose, Peter Rose 10 69 13
9 Annette Kothari, Jayesh Kothari, Michelle Bina 9 60 12
10 Sarah Gurteen, Peter Woodman, Jon Dobson 7 52 11
11 Peter Evans, Zara Evans, Kiran Evans 6 41 10