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Event Details

Date: Sunday 6th September 2009
Start Time: 2.15 pm
Location: The Ham Brewery Tap PH, Ham, Surrey
Organisers: Peter, Kiran and Zara Evans
Present:The Teddington Toddle
Walk Distance: 4 flat miles (6.4 km)

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The Ham Brewery Tap PH, 4-6 Ham Street, Surrey TW10 7HT.
Ham Street is directly off the A307 which is the main road between Kingston and Richmond and can be reached easily from both the South Circular (A205) Road and the A3 with links to the M25.

Nat Grid Ref:  TQ 174 722

Public Transport

Stations nearby are Kingston and Richmond and the nearest tube station is at Richmond on the District Line.
Buses 65 and 371 run between Kingston and Richmond and both pass Ham Common.


Walk Location Map

Walk & Location Information

The Walk: A 4 mile walk along completely flat terrain of well made paths with river views. No stiles or gates so ideal for pushchairs etc. Lots of interest to see along the route. Children's clues set by children.

The Venue: Ample on-street parking in the surrounding roads with no restrictions. The venue is a 'local' pub with a pool table and dart board, a small garden and outside tables to the front. They offer a basic menu of reasonably priced food between 12 & 3pm Tuesday to Sunday. It is not necessary to book as there is no specific Sunday lunch menu. Beers are Spitfire, London Pride and Youngs as well as a couple of lagers. No children are allowed after 7pm so the walk will be time limited.

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Starter Clues

Q 1Eating and drinking is too dear we can see.
Q 2Curses! They're not welcome here.
Q 3Girls best friend when they shine.

Stage 1

Out of pub turn right. Stay on R/H side of road. Continue until the entrance to the Palm Centre where the stage ends. EOS1 Entrance to garden centre.

Q 4You can count on a little sunshine.
Q 5In memory of the Cray. Eighty six when he passed away.
Q 6Lady Annes destroyed.

Stage 2

Turn right down the alleyway just before the entrance to the garden centre. At the end of the alley turn left and follow the track along the wide avenue. Avoid any turnings to the left and right. Just before reaching the gatehouse bear left onto the road. EOS2 is when you reach the main road.

Q 7Some leading confused loser by locking.
Q 8Main course and sweet or just a sandwich?
Q 9Not sheepish about bearing arms.

Stage 3

Turn left along the road. Cross River Lane and follow main road round to the right. Turn left down a small un-named road next to Petersham church sign. At junction of paths turn left. Follow path next to black gates on left. EOS 3 is as the footpath emerges out onto the next road.

Q 10Text me on 83539378 before I'm a virgin.
Q 11Noah's other course of action perhaps?
Q 12Fit chap begins to learn to boot up.

Stage 4

Turn right along road. At river turn left. EOS 4 is at the two benches where path joins from the left.

Q 13Old man ceaselessly rises and falls.
Q 14Bogey can't act in this modern remake.
Q 15Bobbing alone in Marley's company.

Stage 5

Continue ahead across bridge over tributary. Follow the river. EOS 5 is at Teddington Lock.

Q 16Partly feign a chance in some lock.
Q 17Continues to grow without a heart.
Q 18Success where Canute failed.

Stage 6

[NOTE: It is difficult to chalk this stage but you are walking (almost) in a straight line back parallel with the river in the opposite direction to stage 5. The river will be on your left now on the other side of the trees.] Continue along the tarmac road and follow it to the left away from the river. When you see the footbridge on your right, turn left onto the dirt track. At cross paths turn left and at next junction bear right into the open. Along the wide grassy path soon cross over the next path and continue towards trees where you join another path and bear right. Soon a fence appears on your left. When you reach the road turn left. EOS 6 The entrance to the education centre grounds.

Q 19Enclosed incidentally, powered environmentally.
Q 20From North and South the word of mouth.
Q 21We hear this rose initially called the Fire Brigade for security.
Spare ASpare: Span the gap and get a little crosser, then get over it.

Stage 7

Continue along the road past the mini roundabout. When you reach Ham Street turn right across Riverside Drive and continue along the R/H pavement of Ham Street. EOS 7 and EOQW is opposite the pub.

Q 22Stops off on ice with help and some telepathy.
Q 23The lion share of the landscape.
Q 24Home is where the heart is.
Q 25Magistrates at rest.

Print Young Walkers Questions Young Walkers Questions

Starter Clues

Q 1I spy with my little eye something beginning with T.
HINT: What runs but doesn't have legs?
Q 211 objects that light up.
Q 3You get a pig, beer and water here.
Q 4What had a licence and played here?

Stage 1

Q 5I spy with my little eye something beginning with S.
HINT: What would you buy in here today?
Q 6That's a strange place to put a shower!
Q 7That fraction that holds water just makes 50.

Stage 2

Q 8I spy with my little eye something beginning with P.
HINT: A tree you can hold in your hand.
Q 9Was that wall really set on fire?
Q 10This padlock has got married 3 times!

Stage 3

Q 11I spy with my little eye something beginning with T.
HINT: Lots of them grow CLOSE by. (see stage 2)
Q 12Twice as safe for deliveries at this house!
Q 132 heads are better than 1!

Stage 4

Q 14I spy with my little eye something beginning with S.
HINT: A house where horses used to live.
Q 15Who's been in Petersham since 1908?
Q 16some CHIMes in YOUR BAND with a bit of CHoCoLaTe.

Stage 5

Q 17I spy with my little eye something beginning with H.
HINT: A land full of food.
Q 18Canoes go in and out red and green.
Q 19Take the last 4 letters in padlock and it fills with water.

Stage 6

Q 20I spy with my little eye something beginning with B.
HINT: People walk over water.
Q 21Pedestrians crossing at 10 MPH?
Q 22Be My X-ray.

Stage 7

Q 23I spy with my little eye a blue round sign.
HINT: I can walk around and about.
Q 25What can't you do, in a place to play for you?

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 1Ham, beer and 2 deer on pub sign.
Q 2Bad language sign.
Q 3Diamonds on shutters.
Q 4Sun and numbers on white cottage.
Q 5Cray Tollermache. Born Sep24 1805. Died 10 Jan 1892.
Q 6anag. Sandy Lane.
Q 7anag. Ingersoll lock on door in alleyway.
Q 8Ham Polo Club.
Q 9Coat of arms on gatehouse.
Q 10Numbers represent letters on a mobile keypad and spell TELEWEST.
Q 11Dry route during flood.
Q 12anag. Public Footpath.
Q 13Old Father Thames is tidal in this stretch of the river.
Q 14New wooden bridge on the left extends well onto the bank. 'A bridge too far'.
Q 15'Island' the record company that Bob Marley recorded with. No man is an island!
Q 16Chain link fence on the left.
Q 17Willow tree with no 'heart' continues to grow.
Q 18Teddington Lock holds back the tide.
Q 19Green boxes powered by solar panels.
Q 20Telegraph poles.
Q 21Padlock on gate by the road says 'Made in England FB' on it.
Spare ABridge.
Q 22anag. Post Office Telephones
Q 23Pride Ltd. Fencing, Decking, Gates.
Q 24White house with hearts on the shutters.
Q 25The Bench

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 1Tap
Q 211 lamps.
Q 3Ham Brewery Tap.
Q 4Music.
Q 5Shop
Q 6Shower curtain door.
Q 7Fire hydrant 100/2.
Q 8Palm
Q 9Fireplace in brick wall.
Q 10Three ringed padlock.
Q 11Tree
Q 12Post Box and Milk Box.
Q 132 elephant heads on wall.
Q 14The old stables
Q 15Petersham and Ham sea scouts plate on gate.
Q 16Anag. Of Richmond Yacht Club.
Q 17Ham lands
Q 18Red and Green poles in water at mariners club.
Q 19Padlock-Lock Teddington lock.
Q 20Bridge
Q 212 signs saying it.
Q 22BMX Track.
Q 23Roundabout sign
Q 241 goal on field.
Q 25No: Dogs, Cycling, Skating, Litter or Smoking in play area.

Print Results Walk Results

Place Team Members Correct Answers Bonus Points League Points
1 Robert Whale, Brad Morris, Sandra Glennon, Lin Morris 22 180 20
2 Pauline Smith, Colin Smith 19 151 19
3 Roger Heath, Joyce Heywood, Peter Jagger 19 128 18
4 Geoff Hunt, Alan Reeves 18 121 17
5 Marion Earp, Ros McGavin, Nina Keay 14 95 16
6 Elizabeth Gurteen, Colin Gurteen, Brenda Watson 15 91 15
7 Penny Biggs, James Biggs, Kath Biggs, Dennis Biggs 14 83 14
8 Val Rose, Peter Rose 12 71 13
9 Dereck Munson, Jenny Cameron, Brenda Bonner 12 68 12