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Date: Sunday 16th August 2009
Start Time: 2.00 - 2.15 pm
Location: The Fox PH, Lower Coulsdon, Surrey
Organisers: Val and Peter Rose
Present:The Happy Valley Venture
Walk Distance: 3 miles (4.8 km)

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The Fox PH, Fox Lane, Lower Coulsdon, Surrey CR3 5QS
From London and Croydon: follow the A23 South to new Coulsdon roundabout where you take the B276 (joins the B2030 - sign post Caterham). As you reach Coulsdon Common watch out for 'The Fox' sign on right and turn into Fox Lane.
From the M25: come off at Junction 7 and take the M23 North, becoming the A23 North, to Coulsdon roundabout, then as above.

Nat Grid Ref:  TQ 319 569

Public Transport

Bus No. 466 runs from East Croydon railway station (about 4 an hour) to the end of Fox Lane.


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Walk & Location Information

A 3 mile walk, with no stiles. Some paths may become muddy if weather is wet and parts may be a bit bumpy for pushchairs. There is only one fairly steep climb, up a rough road.
No separate Kids Clues will be issued, but children could help with a number of the adult clues, and there is a children`s playground half way round the route.
The Fox is a Vintage Inn, with their usual menu and including Sunday roasts. Food all day and good range of beers. No need to book. There is a large garden to the rear.
There is a big car park in front of the pub and overflow parking past right hand side of pub. In the unlikely event of these car parks being full there is a very large public car park further down Fox Lane.

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SPARE CLUES are in the order they appear

Starter Clues

All visible from the car park at the front of the pub

Q 1He couldn`t reach the Grapes (despite the Hops)
Q 3Sounds like they get together and sell tickets
Spare ASnap! It is a mix up but OK, now you can see better!

Stage 1

Cross the grass to the left of the pub to the wooden gate on the other side. Through gate and straight on (around fallen tree) to gate at far side. Then turn right keeping to pavement (not bridleway). At far end of road go forward to steel barrier where stage ends.

Q 4Were Patton and Ridgway posted here? (not Ike and MacArthur anyway)
Q 5They were not mixed up with vandal armies - neither was he, really!
Q 6But he might have served some of his time in this

Stage 2

Go straight ahead through wood. If there is a fallen tree across path go round it but still straight ahead. Soon path narrows through brambles and finally comes out on broader path to 4-way signpost where turn right on to footpath through bottom of valley. Follow this footpath (not bridleway) for a long way. Stage ends at post with arrows off to right hand side of path.

Q 7Slow down! Long ago in places like the first part of this there was a terrible mix-up
Q 8So nice, they named it twice
Q 9Main ingredients in our diet, like bread or milk or butter - wait a minute, how many are there in all?

Stage 3

Return to main path and continue on along valley until a post where the path you are on and the bridleway join, where stage ends.

Q 10Useful guidance for the huntsman
Q 11Talk about MPs expenses! This cover-up is for more than 10,000
Q 12The colour of this sign is appropriate, according to Tennyson

Stage 4

Carry on along path until you meet rough road, where turn right and go up long hill. At top of hill keep on road and stage ends at concrete plinth at roadside.

Q 13Sounds like its going to be a big street party, but is this all they are going to serve?
Q 14Who can Daly be? And for how long?
Q 15What`s that secret you`re keeping? (well OK, not quite!)

Stage 5

Carry on, then turn right at first road. Straight on, later passing in front of houses and with playground on right. Continue in front of houses and turn left at end. When you reach road, cross over and turn right. Then cross the road again and through a gap in palings. Stage ends short way into wood.

Q 16Hello, its our lad William, get another tea
Q 17Is Isadora really pale or am I just confused?
Q 18A superior rolling gait
Q 19A backward lot, starting with Les, Ernie, Ron and Sid, but I wouldn't associate with them

Stage 6

Keep to main path and when you come out into open turn left on broad path and after 30 yards turn right into wood. Stay on this path for a long way, ignoring side turnings. Shortly after coming out into the open turn right to a post where stage ends.

Q 20I thee take (real? - no, the whole thing is a mix up)
Q 2178 on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Stage 7

Reaching post, turn left and go to right hand side of trees, following broad path towards notice board in distance, later forking right to reach it. At road turn left and follow it back to pub.

Q 22Double parallel lines and luck, these contain all you need
Q 23Negative evidence of a significant move by the whole board
Spare BThis sort of thing makes the organiser so mad!
Q 24I've heard of horse shoes and donkey jackets but this is a new one on me
Q 25Finally (no firstly!) all users take our previous advice

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Q 1THE FOX (Aesops Fables)
Q 2Coulsdon Common Camp (on blue plaque)
Q 3RAFLING ASSOCIATION sticker on window
Spare ASONPAK lights (anagram of snap and ok)
Q 4EIGHT STARS round metal post (2 x 4 star generals)
Q 5ADMIRAL on alarm (anagram of dalarmi)
Q 6DREADNOUGHT (an early warship) on manhole cover.
Q 7NO GALLOPING on sign (anagram of longagoinpl)
Q 9TEN STAPLES on a post by track.
Q 10Signpost pointing to THE FOX
Q 11MANHOLE with '5037' on each half of lid.
Q 12RED SIGN for NATURE TRAIL 'Nature, red in tooth and claw'
Q 13HAM - 'NineHAMS Road, CaterHAM', on City of London noticeboard.
Q 14CHALDON WAY 260 YARDS on signpost (anagram of whocandaly)
Q 15A line from song The Green Door (answer THE GREEN GATE)
Q 16ELLIOTT on cabin under radio mast (an extra T for Billy Elliot).
Q 17ELLIS ROAD PLAY AREA (anagram of isadorareallypale).
Q 18THE ADMIRALS WALK (street sign)
Q 19TOLLERS Residents Association (lot reversed and first letters of names).
Q 20LEE and KATIE with a HEART on a tree (anagram of itheetakereal).
Q 21STEPS (London show 'The 39 Steps' has two performances on those days)
Q 22"9L" on clips attaching notice board (add up the L's)
Q 23TWO HOLES in ground where notice board previously stood.
Spare BPETER SAVAGE drain cover)
Q 24DOG GLOVES on bag dispenser
Q 25AUTOPA on entrance post (first letters of clue words)

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Place Team Members Correct Answers Bonus Points League Points
1 Sally Hendrick, Paul Hendrick, Sue Whale, Robert Whale 20 182 20
2 John Davis, Geoff Hunt, Alan Reeves 18 153 19
3 Gillian Hein, Hugh Hein, Joyce Heywood, Roger Heath 17 135 18
4 Sheila Harding, Derek Harding, Ros McGavin, Brenda Wooden 16 127 17
5 Pauline Smith, Colin Smith 14 107 16
6 Brad Morris 13 104 15
7 Peter Evans 10 69 14
8 Elizabeth Gurteen, Brenda Watson 9 62 13