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Event Details

Date: Sunday 2nd August 2009
Start Time: 2.15 pm
Location: The Good Intent PH, Puttenham, Surrey
Organisers: Robert and Sue Whale
Present:The Puttenham Perambulation
Walk Distance: 3.6 miles (6 km)

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The Good Intent PH, 60-62 The Street, Puttenham, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 1AR
Puttenham is just west of Guildford, approachable either off the Hogís Back (A31) or alternatively via A3 then B3000 (Puttenham Heath Rd).

Nat Grid Ref:  SU 932 478

Public Transport

Unfortunately trains donít stop at Wanborough, the nearest station, on a Sunday. Also sadly there is no Sunday bus service to Puttenham. Best bet is probably a train to Guildford then taxi (about 5 miles).
The Good Intent is a lovely pub with a superb choice of beers, usually six different brews including three regulars (Harveyís, Ringwood, Taylorís Landlord) + ever-changing guests. Very good food selection too.
Car parking at the rear of the pub, through narrow arch.
For more details see their website: http://www.thegoodintent-puttenham.co.uk or phone on 01483 810387.


Walk Location Map

Walk & Location Information

3.6 miles (6 km), generally flat terrain but with a few stiles and a couple of rises towards the end. Some excellent views from Puttenham Common. Kidsí clues will also be available on the day.

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Starter Clues

All clues are located on the front of the pub

Q 1Bad & ugly - you'd estimate
That sleeping outside might be their fate
Q 2Bah - an egg stinks!
A nicer arrangement here, methinks
Q 3Perforated - and the best
Pat & co will do the rest

Stage 1

Turn right out of pub and follow road straight ahead. When road bears round to right (at Seale Lane), keep ahead along Lascombe Lane. Stage ends at junction with Highfield Lane.

Q 4A wake-up call this owner may
Have had from a Famous Face one day
Q 5An eerie kind of place we hear?
Hawkers are put in their place I fear
Q 6What did you see after joining the Wrens?
You'd need to use a powerful lens
Spare AWe're hoping, if we get our way
They won't perform the Scottish play

Stage 2

Bear left up Highfield Lane and follow lane for some way as it climbs gradually. About 150yds after house on left (Lower Lascombe), bear left across field. Over stile and across field to another stile. Go across drive and along fenced path to reach end of stage.

Q 7Some wayward characters, I must concede
But Ireland's perfect - it's got all you need
Q 8Professionals here are left in no doubt
Their interest will end with "Roger & out"
Q 9The tank aspires to yield
What's further across the field

Stage 3

Continue straight ahead through woodland to kissing gate. Through gate, then turn left following sandy track for some way (about 400 yards). Now bear off to the right, then immediately left (following line of low wooden posts) to Puttenham Common car park. Go straight across car park: at the far side you should be about 20 yards to the left of a tree and bench (not part of the clues) with fine views of countryside. Now keep ahead down steepish slope, maintaining same direction, into a brief stretch of woodland. Bear left on sandy path and emerge onto road by post box (Suffield Lane). Stage ends here.

Q 10A few more twigs, a little higher
You've got a home-made funeral pyre
Q 11Diagonal hostility?
They both have this ability
Q 12A price I can negotiate
Makes Teddy start to salivate

Stage 4

Cross road and go ahead down lane, follow this round when it curves to left (ignoring bridleway to right). Keep on this track as it continues to turn left, ignoring another bridleway sign. Pass manor on right and continue along woody path with hedge on either side. The path becomes sunken, with branches overhanging the route. Ignore stepped footpath sign on the left and keep ahead a little further to footpath sign on right where stage ends.

Q 13What fishers of tiddlers might choose
If each held similar views
Q 14Roman villa must be surveyed
It's part of Vulcan's stock-in-trade
Q 15Very busy type we hear
Who has a football team to cheer

Stage 5

Turn right along footpath, following inside edge of wood to kissing gate. Go through gate and ahead on edge of field for some way, eventually crossing/passing a total of three stiles and finally reaching road, where stage ends.

Q 16Take out bit of LP chap remade
Old Walker Brothers track seems to have stayed
Q 17You might fancy sinking this for a three
Open' was just another function for me
Q 18Advance by eight his tail
He'll start to quiver and quail

Stage 6

Left along road for about 150 yards, then left over stile by gate. Keep left along field boundary to cross stile by top of rise. Bear half-right along grassy path across field towards leftmost of row of oak trees. Over stile and maintain same direction ahead across field. Cross two more stiles then continue on fenced path. Stage ends at next stile.

Q 19For many brave soldiers this title's correct
But Wilson or Jones deserve more respect
Q 20Seen twice - involving leg exertions
(Slightly tedious in lengthy excursions)
Q 21Possibly wear ribbed creation?
There could be a snag with this situation

Stage 7

Over stile and keep ahead along grassy path, eventually passing Puttenham Priory on right. Across another stile and along lane a few yards to reach the Good Intent once again.

Q 22A middle man, you understand
For indulgent 1970s band
Q 23One heading for a fall
Pride took a knock, that's all
Q 24How MT showed passion for the fight ...
Q 25... with Denis even further to the right!

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Starter Clues

Q 1A pointed helmet and shiny vest
Will be greeted as warmly as all the rest

Stage 1

Q 2Horseshoe maker's place I see
At least that's what it used to be

Stage 2

Q 3Smell a cow, or be upset!
What's the house-name that you get?

Stage 3

Q 4How many years ago
Was the damaging windy blow?

Stage 4

Q 5How many birds on high
Who never actually fly?

Stage 5

Q 6Place to cuddle if you are good
When you reach the end of the wood

Stage 6

Q 7How to keep on running
If you are very cunning

Stage 7

Q 8A tough one to unlock to finish the quiz
Look in a Royal Entrance, that is where it is

Top of Page Answers

Print Answers League Walk Answers

Q 1The Good Intent (i.e. Good, Bad & Ugly)
Q 2Hanging baskets (anag. BAH AN EGG STINKS)
Q 3Buy your 1st class stamps here (i.e. Postman Pat)
Q 4Maggie's Cottage (ref. Maggie May by Rod Stewart, "Wake up Maggie...." etc)
Q 5Eagle door knocker (eerie/eyrie)
Q 6FARTHINGS house-name (Farthing coins each had a wren on the reverse; also 'far things')
Spare AHELP PREVENT A TRAGEDY by Danger of Death sign (ref. Macbeth etc)
Q 8Tennis court (ref. Roger Federer)
Q 9'kasp' padlock (hidden in tank aspires)
Q 10Wooden seat surrounded by branches
Q 11B & Q on padlock (ref. Bishop and Queen in chess)
Q 12PICNIC AREA (anag. A PRICE I CAN; ref. T. Bears' picnic)
Q 13LITTLE RODSALL house-name (little rods + all)
Q 14Anvil on weather vane (hidden in Roman villa; Vulcan = blacksmith, also Roman god of fire)
Q 15B and BRENTFORD on box at top of telegraph pole (Bee and Brentford FC)
Q 16PUBLIC FOOTPATH (anag. OUT BIT OF LP CHAP; also walker & track)
Q 17Green gate (green ball is worth 3 in snooker; one function of gates is for opening)
Q 18SQUIRE padlock (Squire ? Squirm)
Q 19PRIVATE (ref. Dad's Army; cf. Sgt Wilson & L/Cpl Jones)
Q 20Two stiles close together (first letters of each line)
Q 21Barbed wire (anag. WEAR RIBBED; i.e. snagged jumper)
Q 22Lake (i.e. Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
Q 23One of six lion heads missing from gate at Puttenham Priory (i.e. pride of lions)
Q 24NO TURNING (M. Thatcher)
Q 25COMPTON on signpost pointing right (ref. D. Compton, cricketer)

Print Answers Young Walkers Answers

Q 422 years (the wood was given to the Woodland Trust by Sir Hugh Mackenzie after the 1987 gale)
Q 5Three birds on weather vane at Little Rodsall
Q 6Kissing gate
Q 7The Fox Way
Q 8YALE padlock (it's hidden inside royal entrance)

Print Results Walk Results

Place Team Members Correct Answers Bonus Points League Points
1 Joyce Heywood, Roger Heath 21 179 20
2 Amie Davis, John Davis, Alan Reeves 20 164 19
3 Jamie Whale, Darren Goodsell 19 161 18
4 Pauline Smith, Colin Smith, Heidi Muller, Gary Ruffell 17 130 17
5 Mike Wilson, Jean Wilson, Amy Wilson, Jo Russ, Alison Woolley 15 116 16
6 Sandra Glennon, Lin Morris, Brad Morris 15 110 15
7 Elizabeth Gurteen, Brenda Watson 9 59 14
8 Brenda Bonner, Dereck Munson, Coral Wabe, Stuart Wabe 8 48 13
9 Peter Evans, Zara Evans, Kiran Evans 6 36 12