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John and Amie Davis - The Pond Perambulation
The Inn on the Pond, Nutfield Marsh Road, Surrey RH1 4EU

Starter Clues

Starting Clues

Q 1No expensive duck house here, just a place with food and beer
Q 2Shine a new light on an old subject
Q 3Sounds like a backward secret agent

Stage 1

Take the bridle path towards the cricket pavilion. Walk clockwise around the cricket boundary to the road. Cross road into the field opposite then turn left and walk parallel to the road and across the wide ditch. If you do not want to walk through the ditch there are boards to cross about 15 yards in from the edge. At end of field turn left and up to the road. Turn right and walk the short distance to the Mercers Park entrance.

Q 4A capital journey whichever way you look at it
Q 5Superman's cover
Q 6Not on a wheel or on the net, a shining example of how to connect
Q 7Angry motorists ahead

Stage 2

Turn right into Mercers Country Park. Follow the wide driveway which eventually goes left past the boatyard. Keep ahead to the gate.

Q 8A figurehead is missing
Q 9Not for the great unwashed
Q 10Where to find a London taxi passenger

Stage 3

Through the gate and straight ahead to the oak tree directly opposite. Around gate to right of the tree and ahead on sandy path. Keep straight ahead and up incline to gate across the path.

Q 11Taking note of something holy, these were obviously ordered lowly
Q 12Seems like Nutfield has the same restriction as Nutbush
Q 13Sounds like Basil's wife is involved here

Stage 4

Around right of gate and straight ahead up incline. Continue ahead for some distance until you come to a gate where the path turns right

Q 14A gentleman waiting for transportation, this is an unusual combination
Q 15Watch out, there's a sucker about
Q 16A sign that something is on the way

Stage 5

Turn right and up the wide path. Keep ahead until arriving at a gate across the path

Q 17A comment on the current financial situation
Q 18Nothing in the bird or out of the dog

Stage 6

Around left of gate and ahead to T junction. Turn left and down to path on the left. Down path on left to gate across the path

Q 19This statement is missing the point
Q 20Every picture tells a story don't it
Q 21Just follow this specific clue, the answer is in front of you

Stage 7

Around left of gate and keep ahead to the road. Cross road and follow signposted path back to pub.

Q 22Not her finest sculpture!
Q 23A wise precaution
Q 24Sounds like out of date hairstyles
Q 25Good way to find the right time
Spare ALooks like the solution to a giant's ablutions.