John Cooper Quiz Walks or phone 01737 352832

Peter, Kiran and Zara Evans present
The Banstead Breakout from The Belmont, Surrey, SM2 5SU

Starter Clues

Q 1Let both men break out and mix.
Q 2Serve up the king, serve up the queen, serve up the nave, it can be seen.
Q 3Seas of green come be alarming.

Spare clues are all in the area of the side car park of the pub and can be used to replace any missing ones.

Spare ATread with care with restricted mobility.
Spare BPole to pole there is no sign.

Stage 1

Exit the pub around the patio garden and through the side car park away from the main road. Turn left and stay on the left hand pavement. Continue straight over cross roads and carry on forwards. EOS 1 At the 'Zone Ends' sign on your left.

Q 4Do we hear a US state arrested?
Q 5Detective hides at Spanish house.
Q 6A snap roll made history.
Q 7Cross the line and lose an S initially.

Stage 2

Continue straight ahead across side road. At 'Fairway' cross the road you are walking along to the grass verge on your R/H side. When you get to ' Sunny Mead Avenue' take the bridleway ahead right. EOS 2 Finger post as you pass Huntingfield Farm on the right.

Q 8Night can stay to embrace the day.
Q 9I break out of rind with poor action on fool.
Q 10What do we hear the inn keeper here will have you upon the roof.
Q 11Push at limits inviting noticeable gaps.

Stage 3

Take the bridleway on your right just past Huntingfield Farm. Soon the bridleway becomes a road. EOS 3 The entrance to 'Casa Miel'.

Q 12Rippled like the ocean in furrows and ridges, the weather repelled, the walls it bridges.
Q 13West country leeward.
Q 14Getting warm but you've been warned not to call this number.
Q 15Please adjust your vertical hold.

Stage 4

Continue straight ahead keeping the tall wall on your right. Turn right at the corner of the wall where the track crosses the road. Keep the wall on your right. EOS 4 Where the wall bends to the right.

Q 16Plenty of room for dancing. No room for thinking.
Q 17The only place to break out.
Q 18Is it a lie? Has leg bailed off for the day?

Stage 5

Continue round with the wall on your right. There are NO clues looking into the prison entrances. At the road turn left and stay on the path. At the end of the road turn right. EOS 5 At the first dropped curb just past the 30 mph sign.

Q 19Nailed on the head is a composite cap.
Q 20No more deposits here.
Q 21Secured to a telecoms provider.
Q 22Environmental measurement.

Stage 6

Cross the road and go onto the track on the other side. Immediately turn right. Follow this track gently down the incline through the woods. Take the right hand fork when you reach the clearing with new houses in front of you. Turn right on the slip road. EOS 6 & EOQW 'Commonside Close' road sign on the low wall on your left. Cross the road back to the pub.

Q 23On reflection we see red.
Q 24Have always watched trees having outward ripping needles.
Q 25Break some out of scheme,
The signs cannot hide.
Restore a popular nearby team,
By taking what's left,
When moons collide.