John Cooper Quiz Walks or phone 01737 352832

Jamie Whale and Darren Goodsell present
The Compton Caper from The Harrow Inn, Compton, Surrey GU3 1EG

Starter Clues

All the clues are visible on the front and side of the pub building, facing inwards. There is no need to cross the road.

Q 1A poor town M Thatcher made,
A business like this would surely have paid.
Q 2Without a window or a slot,
Gaining entry seems a long shot!
Q 3A weird vane blows up here:
A cab in the middle makes it clear.

Stage 1

Turn right out of pub car park and proceed down the road, staying on the pavement on the same side. After 50yds pavement turns into a road-side path, then later veers to right, away from road. Stage ends at large fallen tree.

Q 4A community's reward
From Magpies abroad.
Q 5Once locked away, but going straight,
Ex-assassin now guards a state.
Q 6Strange concoction of lips and lace
Might permit you to find this place.

Stage 2

Continue ahead on path. Straight on at bridleway intersection and straight across track and driveway to join road. Bear right and follow road past building site. After end of wooden fence on right, cross stile into field on right. Cross field to opposite corner. Cross stile, then shortly turn left and follow this path, with fence on your left, to garage area, where stage ends.

Q 7Take care near this spot:
A dweeb? He forgot!
Q 8Just in case you wander past,
Permitted route's both carved and cast.
Q 9An uphill stretch just around the bend?
Milligan and Lee urge "Do not ascend!"

Stage 3

Turn right, around gate, and head uphill across field towards hilltop houses (don't miss the view behind you!). As you enter wooded area, turn right and proceed up path, which becomes steps. At the top, continue ahead on path, now enclosed on both sides by fencing. At end of path continue straight ahead on private road. Stage ends when road bends right.

Q 10A country gent is fair
To accompany vacant pair.
Q 11Crude protection
And giant erection.
Q 12Entry gets a special rank;
Uniform companions flank.

Stage 4

Take footpath on left. Follow this path for some distance, between fences, until eventually emerging on road. Turn right and take extreme care on bend. Stay on right hand side of road and keep to pavement once it appears. Stage ends outside entrance to Honeystone and Kinnaslea on right.

Q 13A sure guarantee without waiver
For the region that we all savour.
Q 14Every minister hypnotised,
Communal access visualised.
Q 15A criminal suite...
Q 16...whilst reds retreat.

Stage 5

Continue ahead on this road for some distance. At Summers Lane junction, stay on main road but cross to other side to remain on segregated path, for safety. Proceed past school on left and then round left hand bend. Stage ends at mirror on verge.

Q 17What made sierra disappear?
Sign writer's senior moment, I fear!
Q 18Breaking in would not be wise:
Looks like the home of US spies.
Q 19Sounds like hesitation
In a filling station
Sandwiched by acceleration:
Caution is their advocation.

Stage 6

Cross road and proceed down public bridleway opposite. Follow path alongside wire fence. At fork, take right fork and descend into woods to emerge into fields. Follow path between fields as it winds, gently uphill then downhill, to farm buildings, where stage ends.

Q 20Your vigilance cannot be lost:
Canine exercise at no cost.
Q 21Hardly a grand old dome!
Looks like mother's at home.
Q 22Block's alignment seems to show
Antipodean H2O.

Stage 7

Follow lane between houses. When you reach the main road, cross over and turn right. Follow pavement back to pub.

Q 23TV chef sits on the corner
To give the name of auditory warner.
Q 24Worship clear and vocal
With the Santa that's local.
Q 25The best code for sport?
Des's, I would have thought.

Spare clues. On stage 5:

Spare AA nice thought I could hurl at you
Originally housed the answer too.