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The 2012 Handicap Walk, The Red Lion, Betchworth

Q 1Flight of ten steps leading to blank wall - to left of pub building.
Q 2"HUB-BARD" - on metal casing with vents.
Q 3"TRUE-FORM" - on manufacturer's label below bus timetable.
Spare A"Yale" (hidden in "ro-YAL E-nclosure" - on burglar alarm on wall of pub.
Spare B"Rights of Way Act 1932....No Public Right of Way" - on notice on wall of pub.
Q 4"JACK-SON'S FINE PRODUCTS" - on metal tag on gate on left.
Q 5Telegraph Pole (Poll) - near edge of field.
Q 6"Buckland Parish Council" - on plastic container at end of Stage 1.
Q 7"Best Kept Village" plaques dated 1994 and 1998 - on wall of "The Reading Room".
Q 8"Newspapers" (anagram of "we pan press") - on gate at "Jokers Moon".
Q 9Fourth sail of windmill seen when looking back - in garden of "Yewdells" on right.
Q 10"N-E-W-S-PAPERS" - on box at "Holly Lodge".
Q 11"T C Hardware" - on padlock at gate on right.
Q 12Bolt with no plate to slide into - at gate beside four-way pointer post.
Q 13"CENT-RE WIRE" - on manufacturer's tag at kiss-gate.
Q 14Three old tyres - just before stile at end of Stage 4.
Q 15"NO" doubly underlined - on "No Fishing" notice at mill pond.
Q 16"17-4-0" - on side wall of mill buildings.
Q 17"Trumpets Hill Road" - name of road on left just past "1740".
Q 18Spikes - on railings on left of road.
Q 19"A-BUS 65/50" - on padlock on gate beside "Public Bridleway" sign.
Q 20Translucent and opaque sapling protectors - around saplings to left and right.
Q 21"Michelin" on tyre lying sideways - to left of path.
Q 22"Sandy Lane" - name of road near end of Stage 7.
Q 23"Electric Fence - Cloture Electrique - Cerca Electrica" - on label attached to fence near kiss-gate.
Q 24Laurel hedge.
Q 25"Old Reigate Road" followed by "Old Road" - just before end of Stage 8.