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The Compton Caper from The Harrow Inn, Compton, Surrey GU3 1EG

Q 1The Harrow at Compton. Anagram of "A poor town M Thatcher".
Q 2Entrance door with no handle or letterbox.
Q 3Ventaxia. Letters of "vane" rearranged around "taxi".
Q 4Bench given by Eileen & George Bilbie of Newcastle, Australia, 1980.
Q 5Texas padlock. Hidden in "straight / ex-assassin".
Q 6Spiceall [name of road]. Anagram of "lips" and "lace".
Q 7Beware of the dog. Anagram of "A dweeb? He forgot!"
Q 8Two Public Footpath signs together, one wooden, one metal.
Q 9Anti-climb spikes. Ref. Spike Lee and Spike Milligan
Q 10Three padlocks, one "Squire" the others nameless.
Q 11"Oil care" and "TITAN" on oil tank.
Q 12Supafence on gate; other fence panels labelled Jewson.
Q 13Absolute Security Surrey.
Q 14Entrance all departments.
Q 15Sinden [house name].
Q 16Squirrels Run [house name].
Q 17Sign with "Robertson Nursing Home" between two others with "Robertsons Nursing Home".
Q 18CIA alarm (on Priors house).
Q 19Speed Bump Ahead. "Um" inside "BP" all inside "Speed Ahead".
Q 20Caution Dog Running Free.
Q 21MAIN [Ma in] on large shed.
Q 22Southwater. Upside down on brick.
Q 23Heston Apex, on alarm. Ref. Heston Blumenthal.
Q 24St Nicholas at Compton
Q 25Lynam's GU3 1EG.
Spare AAntic Hay. Initial letters of "A nice thought I could hurl at you".