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John and Amie Davis - The Pond Perambulation
The Inn on the Pond, Nutfield Marsh Road, Surrey RH1 4EU

Starter Clues

Q 1No ducks on this one
Q 2Turn this on to have a wash

Stage 1

Q 3Pedal this one and you will be flying
Q 4Normally found on camels

Stage 2

Q 5How fast can you go here?
Q 6What is the weight of this building?

Stage 3

Q 7What are you not allowed to ride here?
Q 8Which insects prefer to be on their own ?

Stage 4

Q 9You can ride on this
Q 10Something that might suck you in

Stage 5

Q 11Normally found in the desert
Q 12What you should not do to the wildfowl

Stage 6

Q 13Guess the missing letter at the top of this sign
Q 14What are the two missing words under the picture? You saw them earlier

Stage 7

Q 15A wise bird
Q 16The home where honey is made