John Cooper Quiz Walks or phone 01737 352832

Peter, Kiran and Zara Evans present
The Banstead Breakout from The Belmont, Surrey, SM2 5SU

Starter Clues

Q 1Count the lamps
Q 2Three pairs, one on it's own. Tall and strong. What are they?
Q 3In memory of soldiers.

Stage 1

Q 4What time is the last pick up of post on Saturday?
Q 5Give a dog a ........?

Stage 2

Q 6Can you find the fox giving you the weather?
Q 7What course can you see on your left?

Stage 3

Q 8What is the security watching?
Q 9Name the bird that is flying in the London Loop.

Stage 4

Q 10Where do you find a strange place for a stump to be?

Stage 5

Q 11It's red, it's old and you can't use it anymore. What is it?
Q 12What is the speed limit on the road from the prisons?

Stage 6

Q 13Bring a Hawthorn leaf back to the pub.