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The 2012 Handicap Walk, The Red Lion, Betchworth

Q 1Red lion with sharp claws - on pub sign.
Q 2Figure of man prostrate beneath electricity bolt - on "Danger of Death" sign on telegraph pole.
Q 3"32" - on "Bus Stop" sign.
Q 4Letters around the perimeter of horse-training area on right.
Q 5"Beware Horses" - on notice just into narrow path near end of Stage 4.
Q 6"2012" - carved on stone piece at front of mill buildings.
Q 7Spikes - on railings on left of road.
Q 8Horse and carriage - on top of weather vane at "Knowl Cottage" just before "Sandy Lane".
Q 9Green casing around convex mirror - beside "Public Footpath" pointer.

Ten points for each correct answer given to questions 1 to 9.
I-spy questions - one point for each valid word, up to a maximum of 20 points per stage.